Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Azuma - Chifley Square - Sydney, Australia.

Azuma Sugar Hit 2012

For many years, I have heard a lot and read a lot about the Sugar Hit's held around Sydney but have never had the chance to go to one. That was until now, when we were celebrating A's birthday a month later due to exams. This was the perfect time to go to a Sugar Hit as the first day of October marks the beginning of the Sydney International Food Festival. All Sugar Hit's are a measly $20 including a glass of wine between the hours of 9pm-11pm for the month of October.

After trying to limit our dinner, we always manage to over order not matter how much we try. We walk it off by walking for Chinatown to Martin Place in search of the Sugar Hit at Chifley Plaza.

Even though I called ahead to ask if a booking was necessary, the waiter insisted that this was not necessary. Upon turning up, we were told the place was full due to bookings for dinner and the only option was to wait for a long time or sit in the food court outside. Not the best atmosphere I say and I found it a bit odd at first since there were no others there but after people started coming, it wasn't too bad.

The menu on offer from Azuma consisted of the following:

East meets West - Dessert Bento Box

'Kawaii Panna Cotta' which is Japanese style panna cotta made from soy  and cow’s milk with brown sugar jelly, seasonal fruit Face with buckwheat soba noodle hairstyle.

'Home-made Yuzu Sorbet' with popping sparkles.

'Chocolate Gateaux' cake with fresh cream and seasonal fruits.

Marble Gateaux Cookies are homemade chocolate and vanilla marbled Gateaux cookies

'Sake Sample'
A sample of either Yuzu Nigori Sake, Nigori Sake or sweet Plum Wine
Served with your choice of a glass of –
Azuma’s Special Blend Japanese Green Tea
Brown Brothers Cienna Rosso
A full sparkling wine which boasts a vibrant magenta red colour & a bubble that almost jumps out of the glass. Fresh raspberries and strawberries dominate the nose along with a distinct leafy note hinting at Cienna’s Cabernet parentage. It has a creamy palate with plenty of natural acidity and juicy flavours reminiscent of summer berries in a glass.

I thoroughly enjoyed all the desserts on offer except for the wine. I'm not a wine drinker and found it to be a bit too strong and struggled to finish it. However, the 'Yuzu Nigori Sake' was easy on the palate and went well with the chocolate brownie. Definitely a must have before the end of this month which is a few days away!

Chifley Plaza, Level 1, Chifley Square
Corner Phillip and Hunter St
Sydney Australia

Phone no: 02 9222 9960

Opening Hours
9pm-11pm till the end of October


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