Thursday, 1 November 2012

Arisun - Haymarket, Chinatown - Sydney, Australia


My previous visit here was not a very pleasant one. The restaurant was full and the only table available was outside with the smokers (I have nothing against smokers but when your trying to eat or talk with a cloud of smoke coming towards you, it's not good at all). We were a table of 3 and given a 2 seater table situated below the Monorail which made it a rather noisy and squishy experience. The food was not that great except for the fried chicken as I couldn't see the food most of the time due to the dim lighting outside.

It was A's belated birthday and she was craving Korean noodles. This called for another visit to Arisun. We arrived at around 7pm on a Saturday night and there were still quite a number of tables left. We were a table of 3 and given a 4 seater table this time around inside away from the smokers. More space for our food and ourselves. I could see all the food clearly and knew what was in it. Everything looked and tasted better this time.

I don't recall the names of the dishes or prices so excuse my lack of info but enjoy the pictures.

Complimentary 'Kim chi' was refreshing and tasty.

'Black bean noodles is not for those difficult eaters. It has a unique taste that may not be liked by all but good to give it a try. One of the most authentic in Sydney.

'Bibimbap' is a signature Korean dish that is very popular which is basically mixed rice. It comes in a hot stone pot. I found it rather plain.

My absolute favourite chicken. It is fried to a golden perfection. Ahhhh looking at this picture is making me drool. A must get if you go here. I would come here just for the fried chicken.

Picked cabbage and salt and pepper to go with the chicken.

'Beef Dumpling Hotpot' is huge. It has a lot of beef, glass noodles and green dumplings in stock. It's not a bad combination but think I'll stick to the more traditional one next time around.

A great place for get together with friends over a nice meal.

1 Dixon St
Haymarket NSW 2000

Phone no: 02 9264 1588

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