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Hu Tieu Thanh Van - Bankstown - Sydney, Australia

Hu Tieu Thanh Van

We actually wanted to go Hai Yen Noodle House to have their duck rice again, as previously posted, but they were closed for the holiday season for a whole month!

I actually wrote up a post about Hu Tieu Thanh Van many months ago but never got the chance to post it as my pictures turned out awfully blurry. This time around my photos are much clearer, thankfully.

I tend to have cravings for Vietnamese clear rice noodle soup. There is just something about it that makes you feel better after eating it. A form of comfort food. They specialise in the Vietnamese clear glass noodle soup, as 'Hu Tieu' means rice noodles in Vietnamese. It has a slight bite and chew to it unlike the actual rice noodles we're accustomed to.

It's quite an old, hole in the wall, no-frills, Vietnamese restaurant which seems to have been opened for a long time.

They have a reasonable selection of dishes on offer. The menu is scatted on the walls throughout the restaurant that is in both in English and Vietnamese.


The 'Hu Tieu Dai Thap Cam (Combination Clear Rice Noodle Soup) ($12.00)' is their signature dish and can be eaten either dry or with soup. We opt for the one with the soup. I love the addition of the fried prawn on top. I've always wanted to know how to make it but can't seem to find the recipe. The stock is well balanced and full of flavour. There is a prawn, some liver, actually too much, and some pork slices topped with fried pork fat and garlic chives. This is then eaten with the addition of fresh beansprouts. Yes, it may not for the faint hearted.

This time around, it tasted better. I think the addition of fried bits of pork fat and the increase in the temperature of the soup made it taste pretty good. I will definitely be back. Be sure to ask for that extra fried pork fat if they don't ask! It just doesn't taste the same without it.

327 Chapel Rd
Bankstown NSW 2200

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  1. Extra pork fat! Yes please! And loving that look of the deep fried prawn cracker too!