Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Allpress Espresso Cafe - Rosebery - Sydney, Australia.

Allpress Espresso Cafe

It's a brand synonymous with good coffee. Located within the industrial area of Zetland is this little cafe and the warehouse behind the cafe is where the coffee beans are roasted, grounded and then delivered to its customers.

The queues for the morning coffee here are way too long and I have waited 15 minutes once for a small cup of coffee. Given that I don't like waiting very long, I prefer to come here during lunch time as the waiting time is much less. I think they need another coffee machine to meet demand as there is only one machine available.

I'm craving for soup on this day but unfortunately it isn't available. The menu is limited to different kinds of sandwiches.

I have the 'Roast Pork Sandwich with Watercress ($8.50)' which is nice and crispy on the outside but it is cold on the inside. It's a nice sandwich but it would have been good if they grilled it for longer.

My friend has the 'Roast Beef Sandwich ($8.50)'. He says even though its nice, it's way too small for him and not filling.

Service isn't the best at times and staff may appear rude but the fast and efficient service makes up for it.

58 Epsom Rd
Rosebery NSW 2018

Phone no: 02 9662 8288

Opening Hours
Monday - Friday


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