Thursday, 25 October 2012

Kitchen by Mike (Breakfast) - Rosebery - Sydney, Australia.

Kitchen by Mike

This must the current IT place in the Sydney scene. I hear about it all the time and have read about it on numerous blogs. The ingredients used are fresh and the food items change on a daily basis. Their menu can be found on their Facebook page.

Working so close to Kitchen by Mike means that I can frequent the place for breakfast and lunch. But that cannot happen as one must have very deep pockets. The food is small portioned and costly when you add items together.

I was early to work one morning and was planning on going to Sonoma Cafe down the road but couldn't find parking and hence drove to Kitchen by Mike for breakfast.

The 'Cappuccino'($3.50)' was a ok coffee but it lacked that kick and had a weird after taste. They use organic beans I believe but I still prefer the normal beans as that is where the stronger flavour is.

There were a few items on offer but very limited compared to what's available at lunch. I decided to have the 'Eggs Royale ($12.00)' which appeared on the blackboard without any description to it. I was thinking it would be a toasted sourdough with eggs but was shocked when I was given my order. I should have asked what was in in beforehand.

The Eggs Royale was basically a small sourdough bun filled with one poached egg, salmon and hollandaise sauce. As I'm not a fan of the raw stuff, salmon was definitely something I wasn't expecting and it was all taken out. The eggs were poached beautifully and the yolk was still runny but I found the sauce to be a bit sour. Guess I won't be having that again. For $12, I was expecting something more filling.

A great place for lunch but don't think I'll be returning for breakfast.

85 Dunning Ave
Rosebery NSW 2018

Phone no: 02 9045  0910

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