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Tuong Lai Vietnamese Restaurant- Cabramatta - Sydney, Australia

Tuong Lai Vietnamese Restaurant

Tucked away in the little alley way off John Street is Tuong Lai. A traditional family owned Vietnamese restaurant that serves what you would expect if you were to visit Vietnam. It's a place my family have been frequenting since I was younger and still continue to go to these days. It is small and humble restaurant that hasn't changed much since it opened many, many years ago probably except for slight changes in the furniture and décor.

Even though we have moved out to the south, we still drop by at least once a month. The prices are low and the food is  consistently good. The food is very authentic Vietnamese and not that food court type food that you eat elsewhere. The majority of its customer base is Vietnamese and that is a sign that it is good. Be warned the menu on the wall is not in English but the staff would be able to assist you.

Tissues, cutlery and condiments are on the table and can be used to your liking. Hot tea is served upon arrival. The service is very fast and efficient and you find that waiting time for a table is very little in peak hours as people eat fast and leave fairly quickly.
Hu Tieu Nam Vang
 The 'Hu Tieu Nam Vang ($7.50)' is clear glass noodle soup combination served with an assortment of meats, fried shrimp, one prawn and beansprouts for that added crunch. I normally add fresh chilli to mine to give it a kick. It's soothing and I find that the generous portion keeps me full till dinner. The golden, fried prawn is just so delicious. Wish I had the recipe.

Com Dam Bi Suon Cha

Nuoc Mam

The 'Com Dam Bi Suon Cha ($7.50)' is broken rice with pork strands, pork chops and a pork patty. This is eaten with 'Nuoc Mam' which is also known as made up fish sauce. It also includes a small bowl of soup. This is a dish I recommend you to try.

We finish our meals in a short time and can see that people are queuing outside. We pay at the counter and make our shopping rounds around Cabramatta.

3 Belvedere Arcade
Cabramatta NSW 2166

Phone number: 9727 2650

Opening hours:
Open 7 Days a Week
8:30am - 6:00pm Daily


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