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Chefs Gallery - Sydney - Sydney, Australia

Chefs Gallery

Ni Hao! Ni Hao! Ni Hao!

Meaning Hello in Mandarin, these are the words muttered by the staff upon entry to the restaurant. It took a while to get use to and to refrain from laughing. So childish we are.

This is my second visit to Chefs Gallery within Regents Place. Many have said that their concept is simila rto that of Din Tai Fung but I defer. The menu items are extremely different and they are more known for their handmade noodles rather than the dumplings. Their food genre is Taiwanese modern and reminds me a lot of Chinese food.

My friend A hasn't been here before and requested we meet up for dinner after work so Chefs Gallery it was. T and I have been here before but have a faint memory of what we ordered last time around only remembering what we wanted to try this time around.

I made a book a day prior online and the only time slot before closing was 5:30pm, 5:45pm and 6:00pm. They open at 5:30pm and I chose the 5:45pm due to different work finishing times. On the day, a staff member advises me that we only have one hour to eat.

The 'Lychee Green Tea ($4.90) is ordered by me and it is refreshing and cool with a lychee that sits at the bottom of the glass. A has the 'Chrysanthemum, Rose Buds and Goji Berry Tea ($6.90)' which she thinks is cold but is served hot and has a light taste to it.

T has the 'Lychee and Mint Juice ($5.90)' and at first taste, she gives a disgusted look. I have a taste and all I can taste is grass and no lychee. She struggles to finish this and leaves it to the side.

Two menus are on offer include the 'Night Yum Cha' and the 'A-la-carte' and we choose the latter even though both can be ordered at the same time.

'Spinach Noodles Wok-Fried with Seafood ($17.90)' is light green in texture from the spinach and the handmade noodles are made within the premises and the thumping of the flour can be heard in the background. The flavour is just right with a hint of pepper and this is a favourite of ours. 

The next noodle dish 'Sweet and Tangy Diced Chilli Chicken Tossed with Handmade Noodles ($13.90)' is just like what the title says but instead it should be sweet and sour. The sauce reminds me of what they use in sweet and sour pork and we all find this really unusual and weird so a lot of it is left behind.

The 'Prawn and Pork Wontons in a Sichuan Spicy Sauce ($9.90)' is like an exact replica of the one at Din Tai Fung. The filling is plump and satisfying coated in the smooth wonton skin. The sauce is relatively spicy but not to spicy for those who can't take chilli.

The 'Friend Mini Bread Rolls with  Condensed Milk ($7.90) came a tad early and we left this till last which meant it was cold and not as crispy as it should have been. It was so nice and those two things just go together too well.

Sticky and saucy 'Sweet and Dark Pork Ribs ($19.90)'was a generous serving which was a lot to be shared between three. It was salty and flavoursome and went well with the noodles.

Wasabi. I normally stay away from anything with that word. A convinces me that it tastes nice with 'Seafood Rolls with Wasabi Sauce ($12.90)' and it definitely does. The outside is deep friend and the wasabi sauce is mixed with mayonnaise to give it a lighter flavour. T found this dish to be a bit too oily for her.

We have once again over ordered and stuggle to finish everything. No dessert this time around. The one hour mark reaches and the waiter stares at her watch. We call for the bill and notice that a long line awaits outside in the pouring rain.

Shop 12, Ground Level Regent Place Shopping Centre
501 George St
Sydney NSW 2000

Phone no: 02 9267 8877

Opening Hours
Monday - Friday: 11:30am - 3:00pm
Saturday - Sunday: 11:30am - 3:30pm
Sunday - Wednesday: 5:30pm - 10:00pm
Thursday - Saturday: 5:30pm - 10:30pm

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