Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Happy Lemon - Townhall - Sydney, Australia

Happy Lemon

I love 'Easyway' tea so much that I have to have it everyday I'm at work which means every weekday. I normally get the 'Lychee Green Tea' without fail. It's a bad addiction but so I prefer it over soft drink.

Whilst walking around during lunch, I noticed a new bubble tea joint called 'Happy Lemon', a franchise chain originating from Hong Kong. It's bright yellow colours drew my attention so I had to give it a try. The first store opened in Ultimo some ago but it's way too far from my workplace.



There is a wide selection of drinks ranging from milk tea, fresh tea, rock salt drinks, mousse drinks and much more. New flavours are introduced seasonally. There is one flavour that sticks out and that is the 'Oreo Milk Tea'. Who can resist Oreo anything? I can't but I decided to try it next time around and stick with the fresh tea.

I got the 'Kumquat Green Tea ($4.50)' which came with lychee jelly at the bottom. It was nice and refreshing. It was made fresh on the spot and wasn't premixed like 'Easyway'.

Kumquat Green Tea

I still prefer the drinks from 'Easyway' cause I like that artificial taste. Weird I know. 'Happy Lemon' is becoming a popular place for bubble tea as seen by the long afternoon queues.

George St
Sydney NSW 2000

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