Monday, 6 February 2012

Phuong Special Vietnamese - Chinatown - Sydney, Australia

Phuong Special Vietnamese

The little shop is located at the entry to Eating World in Chinatown. I get to the store a bit after 12 and the lunch time queue starts to form. There is a selection of rolls ranging from pork rolls, chicken rolls, pork skin rolls and meat ball rolls which all fall under the $5.00 mark. The bread isn't baked on premises as the space is very small.

I go with the most popular option which is the 'Banh Mi Tit' also known as the 'Pork Roll ($4.30)' which is very cheap considering food prices in the City can be steep. Chilli is optional and free of charge.

The roll is crusty and fresh and the inside is spread with Vietnamese style butter and pate. Within the roll contains the usual ingredients consisting of cold meats, shredded carrot, cucumber, coriander, spring onion and red onions put together with their special sauce and soya sauce. It tastes fantastic but can't be compared to my favourite one in Cabramatta but still does a good job of delivering the authentic pork roll. 
So if you're after a quick lunch in the City, drop by to get the real deal. 

Eating World
25-29 Dixon St
Sydney NSW 2000

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  1. This place is brilliant! Heaps of chilli and coriander and only $4.30! I will be back regularly. Thanks for blogging it - wouldn't have found it otherwise.

  2. I'm going to this place almost every day now! It's awesome!!!!!!

  3. Hi RFJ,

    It's good to hear you like the pork roll place. My previous workmate use to eat it all the time as well.

    Another pork roll place has just opened on George St, across from World Square. I hear its quite good and for only $3.50, its a steal.