Sunday, 12 February 2012

Canton Noodle House- Hurstville - Sydney, Australia

Canton Noodle House

Why won't this miserable weather go away? The drive to Hurstville today was great, with perfect clear skies and sunshine in sight. Then all of a sudden, grey clouds took over and a down pour of rain ruined everything. It's just not how Summer use to be in Sydney.

It was our regular weekly grocery run to Hurstville and lunch was at Canton Noodle House.

From the outside, it looks like a run down place with minimal decorations and Chinese menus over the walls. Looks can be deceiving. It's actually a two level eatery and most opt to sit upstairs with the kitchen being on the lower floor. We choose the latter. It's 12pm and the place is nearly full. There is a different mix of crowds ranging from families, young, elderly and mixed ethnic groups.

Upon seating, a menu is presented in both Chinese and English. Complimentary tea is served by the many staff wearing red polos. One serviette plus a disposable chopstick is put at each seat possibly to minimise waste and washing up.

An order is place and the food comes out very soon after.

The 'Combination Chow Hor Fun Noodles (Thick Noodles) ($11.50)' is cooked to perfection. There is an assortment of fresh ingredients used ranging from prawns, squid, choy sum, beef, chicken and carrots. The gravy is tasty and goes well with the thick fried noodles. This is balanced out by dipping the ingredients into chilli and soya sauce.

The 'Hokkien Fried Rice ($13.50)' is a dish I regularly see on other tables but have never actually ordered it myself. I really wanted to try it and on this occasion I did. The bottom layer consists of fried rice and egg. The top layer is stir fried seafood, duck, vegetables cooked in a gravy sauce. It was tasty but I think I prefer the regular fried rice.

Overall, a great place to have an cheap and tasty meal that won't break the bank. It has been opened for many, many years and the people continue to come which is a good sign that they serve decent Chinese food.

206 Forest Rd
Hurstville NSW 2220

Phone no: 02 9580 0588

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  1. The Hokkien Fried Rice is my favourite dish at this place!

    1. I love a good Hokkien fried rice and have now come to appreciate its flavours.