Sunday, 2 December 2012

Nan Tien Temple - Berkeley - Wollongong, Australia.

Nan Tien Temple

The weather couldn't be any better two Sunday's back. There were no clouds in sight and the hot sun was rising early in the morning. As the year is nearly ending, we decided it was time to visit Nan Tien Temple. Can you believe it? Christmas is less than a month away.

A stopover at Kiama, a place I haven't been to in over ten years. Everything looked the same except that the blow hole was dry possibly due to the heat. The water was crystal blue. If only we could have a picnic there.

After praying, off to lunch we go. Lunch is served daily except Mondays from 11:30am till 2:00pm in the Dining Hall.As it's a Chinese temple, no meat is served and only vegetarian dishes are on offer. They have two choices, either the 'Rice with Three Choices' or 'Noodles with Two Choices' at $12.00 a meal which comes with two pieces of fruit. Please note that menu selections change daily.

The food is healthy and fresh with minimal oil used. I like the flavour combinations and would say that this type of vegetarian food would be my absolute favourite.

The drive home barely takes 45 minutes and a worthwhile day it was.

180 Berkeley Road
Berkeley NSW 2506

Opening Hours
Tuesday - Sunday
9am - 5pm
Closed Mondays


Bourke St Bakery - Alexandria - Sydney, Australia

Bourke St Bakery

The name says it all. The ultra famous bakery with those picturesque items in its famous recipe book.

'Tomato and Cheese Croissant ($4.50)'. One word 'Delicious'. Buttery, crumbly and so unhealthy.

'Ham and Cheese Croissant ($5.00)' is nice and generously filled with ham but I still prefer the tomato and cheese.

'Ginger and Crème Brûlée Tart ($5.00)' is not to sweet and perfect in balance. The pastry is thin and the crème is smooth.

The Cappuccino ($3.30) with one sugar was a bit sweeter than usual but the coffee flavour was good.

474 Gardeners Road
Alexandria NSW 2015

Phone no: 02 8339 1001

Opening Hours
7 Days
7am - 4pm


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