Monday, 29 April 2013

Costco Bulgogi Bake - Auburn - Sydney, Australia

Costco Bulgogi Bake

What is bulgogi you may ask? I wasn't sure myself till I tasted this bake from Costo. I know bulgogi is related to Korea and it is something to do with beef but other than that I didn't know what it was. After searching on Google, bulgogi is bascially grilled marinated beef!

The 'Bulgogi Bake ($4.99)' has been a standard item on the menu at Costco fast food restaurant outside of the main entrance since it opened. It just never appealed to me given that the other items on the menu were so much cheaper and better value for money.

Marinated beef strips which I don't think have been grilled, diced onion, mozarella cheese, shallot and an unknown dressing sits inside a bread type crusty exterior similar to a pizza. The outside crust is so crunchy and addictve but it appers mine was a tad overcooked. The beef is soft and coated with the gooey cheese. I'm not a big lover of beef and find this bake quite average and would have preferred more vegetables in it as it got quite sickening after having half. I know I know, I sound like an elderly here.

It has been praised by many so do give it a try if you're at Costco and feel like some beef.

17-21 Parramatta Rd
Auburn NSW 2141

Phone no. 02 8756 2141

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