Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Nan Tien Temple - Chinese New Year - Berkeley, Australia

Nan Tien Temple

On Chinese New Year we usually head off to the temple the night before or on the actual day to pray for a blessed year ahead. This year's CNY was on a Sunday which meant those who worked full time couldn't celebrate it on it's actual day.

We headed to Wollongong just after 9am and got there just before 10am. There were a lot of cars queuing to enter the temple and since there is only one way in and out of the parking lot this created a traffic jam. But thankfully we got there earlier than most and found parking straightaway towards the bottom of the hill.

The temple was nicely decorated with CNY ornaments and was a big change from what it looked like daily. There was an abundance of food stalls and the food hall was open as well. I was getting squashed and there was barely any space to move within the food stalls. It was that packed.

The 'Bun Canh Cuo  - Crab Noodle Soup ($10.00)' had that real crab meat taste to it but it was vegetarian. The quantity was was small and not very filling. Too much soup! I didn't really enjoy the mushrooms cause in I don't like the taste of enoki mushrooms.

The food from the hall was pretty standard which I blogged about previously.

They had a lot of foods worth trying.

Perhaps next year?

180 Berkeley Road
Berkeley NSW 2506

Opening Hours
Tuesday - Sunday
9am - 5pm
Closed Mondays


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