Monday, 6 May 2013

Great Century Restaurant - Bankstown - Sydney, Australia

Great Century Restaurant 

Firstly, before I get into any detail about my experience, I DO NOT RECOMMEND this place for yum cha.

Service was pretty bad. We asked for extra chilli sauce three times before the waiter actually remembered. But then again service at yum cha is rarely good.

The food was alright tasting and steaming hot which is a tick from me until.............

It came to ordering the spring rolls. I rarely order spring rolls and on that certain day I had the sudden urge to eat spring rolls. It just look so crunchy and tasty from the outside.

Then as I took my first bite, the SHOCKING thing happened. At first I thought it was a bamboo shoot but then it was too hard to be that.

It was a TOOTHPICK! How did a toothpick get into the spring roll stuffing is what bothers me. Was someone picking at their teeth whilst mixing the ingredients. Quite disturbing in fact. DISGUSTING! I'm quite turned off spring rolls for now.

I was so disgusted that I didn't even had the chance to take a picture and called over the waiter immediately. He apologised and the item wasn't charged on the bill. He immediately took it to the kitchen in fear of it being seen.

In total we had 4 dishes excluding the spring roll and it amounted to $29.00. I expected it to be free after what happened.

Didn't not order anything else after that and left quite hungry.

So yes that was my very unpleasant experience and I won't ever be returning again.

23 Greenfield Pde
Bankstown NSW 2200

Phone no: 02 9796 3366


  1. Wow, that's bad. Thanks for the warning! Next time something like that happens, try and take a photo. That will protect you in case the restaurant claims you are defaming them when you blog about it.

  2. Thanks for the tip RFJ. Forgot to take a pic and it was whisked away like that!