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Taste of Shanghai - Hurstville - Sydney, Australia

Taste of Shanghai

On a quest to find 'really good' Xiao Long Bao' we end up at Taste of Shanghai on a Friday night.
We arrive before 6pm and there is already a queue forming. We end up waiting for 20 minutes before our ticket is called. I noticed that no bookings were taken maybe cause they're relatively new but their sister restaurants currently have this option available.

The interior is pretty small, hence the long waiting times.

As you walk through, a whiff of vinegar goes to your nose.
At present no alcohol is available possibly due to licencing restrictions. However, it is on the menu.

Soya sauce, chilli sauce and vinegar are available at the table.

The 'Xiao Long Bao ($8.80)' is much thinner than the one served at New Shanghai and is a crowd favourite. The skin is smooth and the meat is juicy. A must order if you're here.

The 'Pan Fried Pork Dumpling with Sesame Seeds ($9.80)' is a bargain considering the serving size. 8 big buns are fried to perfection which sit on a white plate. Each mouthful is delicious as piping hot soup erupts from the first bite you take at the edges.

'Poached Pork Dumpling in Chilli Oil ($9.80)' is a huge serve with 10 decent sized pieces of dumpling . The dumplings skins are smooth and slippery. There appears to be a hint of water chestnut and coriander in the filling which gives it a nice crunch. The chilli oil  doesn't have that spice factor at all but then again it maybe because I have a high tolerance to chilli.

The 'Salt and Pepper King Prawns ($22.80)' come out in a small basket. It is nicely fried but the batter has soaked in a lot of the oil which is rather sickening after eating one or two. The fried shallots on top give it a good crunch.

I don't find the 'Special Fried Rice ($13.80)' special at all. It has a few pieces of prawns, some beef and red onion and again. This is again too oily.

We also order the 'Sesame Taro Pastry ($7.80)' consisting of 6 halves but it takes too long to arrive and since we're so full that we ask for take-away. Nothing special but worth a try if you haven't had before.

Would come here for the dumplings but would reconsider the mains we had. Will give other mains another chance next time.

177 Forest Rd
Hurstville NSW 2220

Phone no: 02 9585 8826

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