Thursday, 6 February 2014

Kuroneko Ramen Noodle Bar - Sutherland - Sydney, Australia.

Kuroneko Ramen Noodle Bar

A ramen restaurant in the Sutherland Shire???

I was shocked when I randomly searched Google and stumbled upon a post by Sara from the Bellyrumbles about a new / not so new now, Japanese restaurant in Sutherland. Just a few minutes' drive from my place and even within walking distance! I was in utter delight, as I can now have decent ramen without having to cross Tom Ugly's bridge to go to Hurstville.

I go to Sutherland on a regular basis to catch my train to work but I never noticed this place as it is not in the central shopping area, but rather located towards the new apartment blocks, a turn off from Princess Highway.


We end up at Kuroneko Ramen Noodle Bar on a Sunday afternoon and it isn't overly busy, but there is a constant flow of customers coming in to dine and take-away. The friendly waiter greets us as we enter and there are two ladies working in the kitchen, possibly, a family owned business. The interior is beautifully decorated and feels rather peaceful with the dim lighting and wallpaper filled with Japanese art.

Their menu is posted up on their Facebook page but a few pages have been updated recently such as the Donburi (Rice bowl) page, where prices seem to have gone up by $4 dollars from their price advertised online which was $8, which is too cheap to be true. They also service alcoholic beverages including Sake.

They have a variety of Japanese dishes to choose from including the traditional rice bowls and ramen to the more modern pork belly buns and lotus root chips. I am here for only one thing and that is the ramen. Oh how I love ramen so much.

One item that caught my attention was the 'Prawn and Chicken Ramen ($12.00)', which I've never seen on a Japanese restaurant menu before. I was intrigued and wanted to try it by my indecisiveness took over and I ended up with the 'Tonkotsu Spicy Ramen ($12.00)'. A pork broth ramen topped with pork mince, soft boiled egg, spring onions and some chilli spices. The noodles were thin but not too thin, and they were cooked perfectly, it had a nice bite to it. The stock was flavoured well and wasn't very thick which was another quality I liked about it. However, the egg was overcooked which left the yolk turning out solid and not runny like how it should be.


In the menu, the pictures of the donburi dishes had salad but the 'Mixed Tempura Donburi ($12.00)' that we ordered did not come with salad, which was quite disappointing. It came with a mix of tempura including two prawns, an eggplant piece and sweet potato slice on top of some dried seaweed and rice, which was lightly flavoured with soya sauce. The batter was crispy and crunchy which was a plus, but the exclusion of salad made the it taste dry. It also comes with a side of miso soup.

I thoroughly enjoyed my ramen and the donburi was decent. I will definitely be returning to try out other dishes considering how close it is to home. Friendly service and great prices for fresh, authentic and most importantly, delicious Japanese food.

Shop 4, 720 Princess Hwy,
Sutherland NSW 2232

Phone no: 02 9521 5191

Opening Hours
Monday - Sunday
11:00am - 9:00pm

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  1. Would never expect to find a ramen house like this in the Shire! A great find!

    1. Yay for more new eating places in the Shire :)