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Green Peppercorn - Fairfield - Sydney, Australia

Green Peppercorn

Green Peppercorn Restaurant is a very popular Lao / Thai restaurant in Fairfield. It has been mentioned in numerous articles and newspapers, and I've also heard that the queues are very long for dinner, so be prepared to wait if you haven't booked ahead.

Today, my mum and I met up with Toto and her mum for lunch. Toto is my very close cousin and we spent most of our childhood and teenage years growing up together. Ah the fond memories. But now that we have both grown up, we don't see each other as much anymore due to work, study and life commitments in general. We do however, try to meet up when we can.

Today, we were at Green Peppercorn Lao & Thai Restaurant in Fairfield, which occupies a space in the Fairfield Hotel. We arrive at 11:50am, but it doesn't open till 12:00pm so we end up being one of the first customers there. It gets pretty full by the time our meals arrive.

The 'Salt and Pepper Squid ($16.90)' looks beautiful on the plate. Accompanied with two dipping sauces, mum's special sauce and sweet chilli sauce, the deep fried battered squid is fried to perfection. So addictively crispy and crunchy. Oh so yummy! I find myself dipping the squid into mum's special sauce because it tastes so good.

The 'Laos 'Style Papaya Salad ($11.90)' is a hit amongst the table. It has the right mix of sour, spicy and salty flavours. I like the crunch of the papaya and it goes well with the side of cabbage and cherry tomato. One word, refreshing.

'Panang Curry Chicken ($12.90)' is a good curry dish consisting of red curry, chicken and green beans. I like it when they have the bamboo shoots in Panang curry but unfortunately it is missing this time around. I'm not a fan of the green beans in general ,so none for me. 

The 'Pad Cashew Nut Chicken ($12.90)' is not bad but not the best either. Chicken is stir-fried in a chill jam nut sauce with vegetables. We've had much better elsewhere. There is a lot of chicken and not enough vegetables but that's just me as I like my veggies.

By this time we were so full but we soldiered on.

Dessert was no other than the famed 'Fried Ice-Cream ($13.90)'. This is not your average ice-cream coated in flour and coconut, and drizzled with chocolate sauce ,but the modern version. Ice-cream is wrapped in a pastry and then served with caramel sauce and coconut muesli. I suggested we share one between four but Toto exclaimed, ''I'm not sharing one between four!''.

A spacious place and a great atmosphere to eat and dine with family and friends. Great Lao and Thai food at reasonable prices.

1 Hamilton Rd
Fairfield NSW 2165

Phone no: 02 9724 7842

Opening Hours
Lunch12:00pm - 3:00pm (Mon - Sun)
Dinner5:30 - Last orders at 9:45pm (Mon - Wed)
5:30 - Last orders at 10:45pm (Thu - Sat)
5:30 - Last orders at 8:45pm (Sunday)

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