Saturday, 18 January 2014

Hai Yen Noodle House - Bankstown - Sydney , Australia

Hai Yen Noodle House

We've walked past here many times, never going in, thinking that it was just a typical Cantonese BBQ restaurant with roast meats displayed across the store front. Plus, they had noodles within their name, so we assumed, they specialised in noodles with BBQ meats, which never seemed to quite appeal to us. Until one certain day I saw people queuing up for a table and then the  following week it was the same, so it was at that point I thought to myself there must be something good about it.

There was a few papers plastered outside on their walls, they have been mentioned on a few guides such as 'The SMH Good Food Under $30' guide. We joined the queue and after a few minute of waiting, we were in.

The lady at the front was continuously busy chopping BBQ chicken, roast duck and BBQ pork. It made me hungry just staring in.

A casual and family friendly restaurant that was bustling with locals and families. It is very clean environment and service is pretty decent.

The menu is extensive. There is a lot to choose from, namely dishes you would expect in a Chinese / Vietnamese restaurant. Most customers appeared to be having either roast meats with rice or combination stir-fried noodles.

The 'Roast Duck with Steamed Rice ($9.50)' was delicious. It came with a side of pickled vegetables and soup. They were very generous with their soya sauce and this was definitely a plus from me. The roast duck was plump and juicy, bursting with flavour. I definitely recommended this dish. A simple looking dish that is a winner.

The 'Roast Pork with Fried Rice ($9.50)' was also very good but it didn't fare against the roast duck. Unfortunately, we got the very fatty pork part of the pig and ended up with more fat bits than meat, which left us wanting more crispy pork skin. The fried rice was a popular option amongst the diners here, but I much preferred the steamed rice.

I'm glad we went and gave it a try as now we have another restaurant to go to in Bankstown when we're craving for noodles or roast meats.

61 Bankstown City Plaza
Bankstown NSW 2220

Phone no. 02 9790 1608

Opening Hours
Open 7 Days a Week
10am - 6pm


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  1. A busy restaurant is always a good sign! The roast duck looks amazing!