Friday, 6 January 2012

Savoy Cake Shop - Haymarket - Sydney, Australia


I love eating taro cake, especially the one from Tim Tim's in Cabramatta. However, the quality hasn't been as good as it use to be and it seems to be getting more expensive everytime I return.

My friend A has always told me that her aunt would bring over a taro cake for family gatherings and it was one of the best she has tasted but she didn't know the name of the store and only knew it was from Burwood. After doing some searches on the trusted Google site I found the place to be Savoy which had a few locations around Sydney.

Savoy Cake has stores in Haymarket, Chatswood, Burwood and Cabramatta. I was in the city so I dropped into the Haymarket store after I had lunch at Zilver. I got the 9inch taro cake costing $19.50 which is a bargain considering I normally pay about $40 for this cake at Tim Tim's. This is probably due to the lack of fruit and decoration on the cake but that's how I like it. Minimal.

With minimal detailing on the cake and no fruit in sight, it is a very plain looking cake.  Fresh cream layered together with taro paste makes the cake taste smooth and creamy. The inside sponge is soft, moist and not too sweet. A great tasting cake liked by everyone in the family.





Shop 4, 76 Ultimo Rd,
Haymarket NSW 20

Phone no: 92127453

Opening Hours
To be advised


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