Saturday, 21 January 2012

Encasa Restaurant - Sydney, Australia

Encasa Restaurant

It's another quick end to the working week and my cousins and I are due for our next monthly dinner catch up. We decide to go to Encasa after failing to make a booking before the Christmas holidays which deprived us of Spanish food. This time around I called at the beginning of the week for a Friday 6pm booking and was told that we could only stay till 8pm as it was fully booked.

Encasa specialises in Spanish food, mainly tapas, pizza and pasta dishes. I've been a frequent customer for many years whether it be for work functions, friend birthdays or just the casual catch up. The food is always consistently good, reasonable cheap and never fails to deliver. Not only that, fresh ingredients are used making it even better.

We arrive a bit before 6pm and the restaurant is still looking rather empty. We're escorted to our table for 4 and already know what we want to order. We decide on five tapas and one pizza to share. The portions are extremely generous and we can already tell that it will be more than enough.

The first tapa to arrive is the 'Gambas al Ajillo - Peeled King Prawns in Sizzling Garlic Oil and Chilli($13.00)'. The prawns are cooked to perfection with a slight bite to it. The garlic oil has a pleasant aroma and would be nice to scoop up with bread. Didn't find it spicy at all. Must be my high tolerance to chilli.

Our favourite dish is definitely the 'Patatas Bravas - Fried Potato Garlic Mayonnaise and Spicy Tomato Salsa ($9.50)'. It is a must order and we never fail to order this and I don't mind if we just had this on its own. It's extremely addictive and I could finish the whole plate myself. The plate is gone in no time. The potatoes are crispy and golden and the mayo is smooth and creamy which is balanced out with the tangy tomato salsa.

Cousin W requests for the scallops dish but we're told it is sold out. She then asks for the 'Pulpo a la Plancha-Grilled Fresh Baby Octopus ($14.00)'. The octopus is cooked perfectly in olive oil and a drench of lemon brings out the flavour. There is just way too much and as it gets cold it becomes chewy.

Cousin L orders the 'Pinchos de Pollo con Mojo-Chicken Skewers with Red Capsicum, Olive Oil, Cumin and Vinegar ($12.00)'. We found the chicken to be a tad dry and the accompanying sauce had a strong spice taste. 

Our last tapas dish arrives sizzling hot at the table, 'Champinones al Ajillo-Sizzling Garlic Mushrooms ($9.50)'. Only recommended for those serious mushroom lovers. The garlic wasn't too strong and tasted subtle.

Our main dish, the 'Large Finca Pizza - Chicken, Pesto, Roasted Red Capsicum, Onion and Olives ($21.50)' arrives hot from the woodfired oven. The cheese is soft, gooey and delicious. Overall, a great tasting pizza.

Dessert is skipped as we're stuffed from all that food. We decide to take a look at the Chinese New Year Markets at Belmore Park instead before deciding on what to have for dessert. Service is very efficient and prompt. By the time we're finished, the restaurant is at full capacity and we stuggle to hear each other speaking. Great times :)

423 Pitt St,
Sydney NSW 2000

Phone no: 02 9211 4257

Opening Hours
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  1. It looks like this restaurant is very famous and popular among aussies. We also run an Indian Restaurant. I would love if you could post soemthing about our Indian Restaurant. Our URL is this

  2. Hi Nabeel,

    It's a very popular place amongst most groups. My Indian friend loves eating here as well. Definitely recommended.

    Will try to visit your restaurant when I get a chance to :)