Saturday, 8 March 2014

Blanco Court Prawn Me - Beach Road, Bugis - Singapore, Singapore

Blanco Court Prawn Mee

Prior to heading overseas, I did a quick search on places to eat at in Singapore and compiled a list. We failed to go to all restaurants on the list given the time constraints and limited days we had in Singapore. However, one place we did go to was a restaurant that had been serving prawn mee, also known as prawn noodles, in Bugis for many years, starting the trade since 1928 to be exact. This family owned restaurant not only has one store but has expanded to a number of locations in Singapore to meet the local demand.  A few reviews have noted it as being one of the best.

'Bianco Court Prawn Mee' located on Beach Road in Bugis is a humble looking restaurant located smack bang on one of the busiest roads, Beach Road. Situated next to Haji Lane, a fashionista paradise for those shoppers out there looking for independent boutique shops housing local designers.

We visit on a weekday lunch and it's bursting with local office workers. It's actually quite big inside and there are plenty of tables. The turnover is very fast so you don't have to wait long before a table is free. What you must do to reserve your seat is place a packet of tickets on the table to let people know the table is reserved. Before placing your order, do ensure you find a table as you have to quote your table number prior to ordering as they'll bring the food out to you.

Service is prompt and highly efficient. The workers line the bench behind the counter preparing the prawn noodles in succession, moving from one person to the next.

The menu is limited with only 8 options and they stick to what they do best, the noodle soups. They come in two sizes, regular and large. A choice of white or yellow noodles is available or a combination of both. For those who want to splurge, there is the '3 in 1 Noodle (SGD 8.00 / SGD 10.00)' consisting of prawns, ribs or tail or the 'Jumbo Prawn Noodle (SGD 8.00 / SGD 10.00)'.

To the side, you can get a range of different sides to have with your prawn noodles but we chose not to on this occasion.

Bowls upon bowls of prawn mee are brought out and people are thoroughly enjoying their noodles despite the high heat and humidity levels outside. There is no air conditioning running here so don't get too comfortable. Without this it is still cool as the breeze does come through because of the high ceilings and ventilation is overall pretty good.

We opt for the regular portion of 'Sliced Prawn and Pork Ribs Noodle Soup (SGD 4.50 / SGD 5.50)' as we're lazy to de-shell the prawns. It  is also available in five other variations including the prawn (with the shell) and pork ribs,  pork ribs and tail, prawn noodle, sliced prawn noodle and pork ribs noodle. They are all priced at SGD 4.50 for regular and SGD 5.50 for large. They are available dry or with soup.

A simple and no-frills looking dish but full of flavour. The prawns are fresh and juicy and the pork ribs are extremely tender. The noodles still have a slight chew to it which I like and the addition of bean sprouts, fried shallots and chives gives it a nice crunch factor. How did the soup taste? The most important part of the dish. One spoonful into the mouth and the rich and deep flavour sensation hits you. The dark broth has the prawn aroma lingering and is absolutely tasty.   I was still craving for more after eating this. I should have ordered the large size!

To be honest, I haven't had the chance to try many version of the prawn noodle and I've got to say this is the best version that I've tried.

The 'Lime Juice (SGD 1.30) was a refreshing drink and great for the hot weather. The side counter sells the drinks separate but can be paid for at the noodle counter.

Will definitely be back to try again. I want to try the dry version with the soup on the side next time around.

Then it was time for a snack in the evening. These ice-cream carts are scattered throughout the city of Singapore and you'll usually find older aunties or uncles selling these delicious ice-creams in assorted flavours.  The ice-cream comes in large blocks, are cut up into thick slices and put between two wafer pieces or a slice of rainbow bread for SGD 1.00! Some charge more but this lovely vendor was only charging SGD 1.00. For the more adventurous there is durian or sweet corn.

The 'Yam Ice-cream' was creamy and so delicious. An absolute bargain and a nice way to cool down.

243 Beach Road
#01-01 Singapore 189754

Phone no: + 65 6396 8464

Opening Hours
Monday, Wednesday - Sunday (Closed Tuesdays)
7:00am - 4:00pm



  1. Singapore is a lovely getaway place! Blanco Court Prawn Me - Beach Road, Bugis - Singapore, is really a great dining place! I recommend you to travel in Kiama. There are lots of accommodating hotels in Kiama and you can write many great things about this place

    1. Hey Carl,

      Couldn't agree more :) Thanks for the recommendation. Will definitely head there in the near future as it isn't too far away.

  2. Blanco Court Prawn Me in Singapore seems to be a great food avenue,,, I wanna try dining there.. Just as what Carl Joe said Singapore is a lovely tourists destination.