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El Jannah - Granville - Sydney, Australia.

El Jannah 

The smell of the charcoal chicken can be smelt from a mile away. When I use to live in the south-west and took the train home from the City, it would pass by Granville station and when the doors of the train opened, the smell of the the fragrant chicken cooking lingered in the air and that made me crave for chicken. I've always wanted to go to the restaurant as everyone who has been there has recommended it and raved on about how good it was.

It took me many years to get there and finally last weekend, we made it. Yay! After the Cake, Bake and Sweets Show at Olympic Park, we had trouble on deciding where to eat but as El Jannah in Granville was on the way back home, we decided to go there.

A few of my friends have never tried Lebanese charcoal chicken so that was another reason to go there. How could they have never tried Lebanese chicken? I, myself, was shocked. I often get teased by my lovely friends as to how I pronounce El Jannah as I tend to drag out the ahhhhhh and we all tend to make a joke out of it.

El Jannah is one very popular place and it has been for as long as I've known about it being open. They specialise in charcoal chicken and Lebanese cuisine. It's a family owned business, with the first branch being open in Granville and they've also expanded to Punchbowl and Blacktown. Many people travel good distances just to try their food so thankfully they've opened up more outlets.

The restaurant itself is fairly big as it appears to occupy two shop spaces so there is plenty of seating. It's a casual restaurant so don't expect premium service or a posh setting.

We arrived at around 3pm on a Saturday and there were still so many diners there at that hour. It was scorching hot with no air conditioning, yet there were plenty of diners eating in. We were perspiring just sitting there and I had my packet of tissue out wiping my sweat. Yes, not the most pleasant but well worth it.

The menu is rather limited and simple but most come here just for the charcoal chicken. It costs more to eat the charcoal chicken in house compared to take-away as you get additional items like pickles and bread. After indulging in decadent samples of sweets and cakes at the show, we definitely did not hold back on ordering here.

The 'Whole Chicken ($19.90)' comes with side of garlic sauce, pickles and 4 bags of Lebanese bread.  I'm a big fan of garlic sauce and their version of the garlic sauce was so creamy and smooth, an absolute winner. The pickles were very sour but that's how they are supposed to be. They were tried but most of it was left untouched.

The charcoal chicken was fresh and perfectly charred. The smell of the herbs and charcoal was just beautiful. The chicken was wonderfully flavoured, leaving a salty crispy skin and the meat was still tender and juicy. Though some bits were partially a bit overcooked leaving burnt bits.

'Large Chips ($6.00)' with sprinkled with chicken salt and was deliciously crispy and crunchy with the right amount of seasoning. We got a surprise at the size of the bowl but amazingly we finished it all. So addictive and satisfying at the same time.

The 'Falafel Plate ($4.50)' is excellent value. Three pieces of deep fried falafel made with ground chick peas, served with an assortment of sides. Still fresh and hot from the fryer leaving a nice exterior that was golden brown. It was nice but didn't compare to the delicious chicken.

Miss J recommended the 'Baba Ganouj ($5.50)' which is an eggplant dip. She notes it as being one of the best she has tried and I definitely agree with her. It was wonderfully smooth and had a hint of smokiness, which went well with the bread.

To balance our meal, we ordered some greens to be more 'healthy'. The 'Tabouli Salad ($5.50) was overly sour with the abundance of lemon in the dressing which I didn't like very much but that's my personal preference. But it left us feeling less guilty after this huge meal.

A satisfying and wholesome meal all for $48.90 between four people including drinks. An absolute bargain considering the amount we ate. There was no dinner for us after this big lunch.

Food is affordable and I hear it is consistently good. Will definitely visit again in the future if in the area. Lunch and dinner does get busy so expect to wait as customers pour in and as some say it becomes 'hectic'.

4-6 South St
Granville NSW 2142

Phone no: 02 9637 0977

Opening Hours
Monday - Saturday
10:00am - 12:00am
10:00am - 11:00pm


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