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Se Jong Korean BBQ Buffet - Campise- Sydney, Australia.

Se Jong Korean BBQ Buffet

After reading numerous reviews online about Se Jong Korea BBQ Buffet located in Campsie, we decided to give it a try. There were mixed reviews online, a number of good reviews and also a number of bad ones. We weren’t expecting much on our visit there, thinking that if the BBQ was similar to Charcoal Mine BBQ House in Parramatta, we would be happy, as the buffet there was decent back when we had it years ago. Not much of a comparison but it was the last Korean BBQ I went to.

 It is situated on the street off the main shopping street of Campsie, tucked in between residential blocks.
Upon walking in, we noticed that it was very modern looking, most likely of have had a refurbishment not too long ago. We made a booking a few days ahead to avoid waiting and it turned out to be a full house on that night. We walked up to the counter and were directed to our table immediately. The staff there are friendly, even though their English is limited. 
Previously, it was $30 per adult but they seemed to have upped their prices recently, given the busy nature of the place. From Monday to Thursday it is $30 per adult for dinner, while from Friday to Sunday it is $32 per adult. Actually good value if you do eat a lot of meat. Lunch is much cheaper but it appears you don’t get the BBQ option.
Plenty of choices are available from pre-cooked to raw foods. They aren’t skimpy on their meats and it is out in its full glory and topped up regularly.
A few Korean stir-fry dishes are available such as 'Sweet and Sour Chicken' and 'Mayonnaise Prawns'. They even have sushi!
There is seafood such as prawns, calamari and mussels. Meat wise there is a whole assortment to choose from such as chicken and its associated bits, beef and beef. Most people seem to head straight for the Wagyu beef or the pork belly. Both equally good but my preference is the crispy pork belly. It's so delicious wrapped up in lettuce leaves with the addition of chilli sauce and garlic. Nom nom.
They also got plenty of side and salad options.
The raw foods are cooked using the charcoal grill put on each table. My only complaint was that it was slow at the beginning but the manager seemed to have noticed and upped the temperature.
For dessert, there is Vanilla ice-cream and fruit. They also served a sweet Korean drink which I found the flavours odd as I've never tried it before.
Overall, we loved it there. Not only was there variety, the food was superb and the atmosphere was great. I prefer noisy places over quite places. I would definitely recommend this place for those meat lovers out there. It was well worth the money given the freshness of the food. It is fully licensed and BYO (wine only), which is available at a cost of $4 corkage per bottle.
Shop 1, 8 London St,
Campsie NSW 2194
Phone no. 02 9787 7126

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