Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Sitney Thai Restaurant - Canley Vale - Sydney, Australia

Sitney Thai Restaurant

When this restaurant opened a while back, I did have the chance to try out the food once, for lunch. I recall the food being absolutely delicious and was expecting the same this time around. It was Miss A's birthday last week and she chose to go local for dinner, usually opting to eat in  the City instead, but was lazy to drive out.

We always over order and this time around we 'tried' to not order as much as we usually do. That idea failed as we did have some leftovers but nonetheless we did very well at attempting to finish everything. Well done girls!

A Thai inspired interior with soft, mellow,  music playing in the background. Not many patrons when we arrived but a packed house by the time we left.

Who doesn't like an appetiser fried golden and crisp to perfection? The 'Money Bag ($7.90)' is a serving of 4 with chicken, chestnut and prawn encased in a pastry outer shell. I really liked the crunchiness of the chestnut and the accompanying dipping sauce.

I tend to have cravings for this once in a while. The 'Lao Sausage ($9.90)' are grilled pork sausages filled with herbs and spices, and looked absolutely divine. A few places don't grill their sausages very well as it is still lacks in colour, but here, the few extra minutes sure make a difference.

The 'Som Tum Laos ($9.90)' is a shredded green papaya salad with a crab paste and anchovy dressing. A mix of sweet, sour and spicy, which hit the spot. An abundance of papaya on top of a bed of cabbage leaves.

'Panang Curry Chicken ($16.90)' is a favourite of ours and a curry we seem to order time in and out. A sweet tasting, yellow curry packed with a lot of coconut cream and strong, aromatic flavours. Tastes great on top of steamed, fluffy rice.

'Pad See Ew Chicken ($10.90)'  is cooked well here. Flat rice noodles are stir fried in a dark soya/ oyster sauce combination and topped with vegetables. Disappointed with the lack of green vegetables and the portion of leaves to stalks but we still thoroughly enjoyed it.

'Medium Steamed Jasmine  Rice ($4.00)'.

'Cashew Nut Sauce Chicken ()' was an average dish. Homemade chill jam stir-fried with chicken and an assortment of vegetables. Was missing my favourite Chinese broccoli.

We all had 'Coconut Juice ($3.90)' and it was either from the plastic bottle or the packet. We knew this prior to ordering as most Thai places don't serve fresh coconut juice. Tin Tin and I found it overly sweet, sweeter than how it usually is.

No dessert here as we opted to move to another place which shall be posted next.They do, however, make some excellent desserts like the famous fried ice-cream from Holy Basil!

This year, I came back with the same expectation I had previously, but unfortunately it wasn't met. Food was mediocre and nothing stood out. However, prices are very reasonable as there is a lot of competition around. They were generous with their portions and food is  authentic. Service was friendly and the boss did come around and ask us if we enjoyed the food.

Good place to try authentic Thai food at reasonable prices. Their food is much better than a lot of the Thai restaurants in the area and they also have another restaurant in Parramatta if you're interested.

10-12 Canley Vale Rd,
Canley Vale NSW 2166


 Phone no:  02 9728 3531

Opening Hours
Open 7 Days
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  1. Love Lao som tum, especially those bursts of feisty saltiness from the tiny crabs.