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THY Vietnamese Eatery / Cuisiviet - Bankstown - Sydney, Australia.

THY Vietnamese Eatery / Cuisiviet

After about a month or two of not visiting Bankstown, a new restaurant opened up recently. I find that restaurants easily come and go, and the ones' that remain open for a period of time must have pretty good food as the locals can be picky eaters. I am open to new things and love trying out different restaurants as no place makes the same food with the same taste.

Cuisiviet is another Vietnamese restaurant, located on Chapel Road, serving authentic Vietnamese dishes. One thing that caught my my attention was the words 'Banh Cuon'. Their signature dishes including the 'Banh Xeo' (Vietnamese Pancake) and the 'Banh Cuon' (Fresh Rice Rolls with Filling).

The 'Banh Cuon Thit ($10.00)' is one of my favourite Vietnamese dishes. It's a dish packed with a whole lot of flavours. Made from rice flour, it is steamed and then filled with ground pork, minced wood ear mushroom and shallots. It is very similar to a crepe in that is thin, light and delicate and is served with Cha Lua (Vietnamese pork sausage), beansprouts, cucumber and mint. This is either drizzled or dipped in Nuoc Cham (Vietnamese dipping sauce). Made fresh on site, it is a must order dish here.

The 'Banh Cuon Tom ($10.50)' is exactly like the one described above but is filled with small school prawns instead of the usual meat. Haven't seen this variant before and I have to say it is extremely tasty and reminds me of the steamed rice noodle rolls with shrimp found at Yum Cha.

'Banh Xeo' is yet another traditional Vietnamese dish made from rice flour, coconut cream, turmeric powder and filled with slices of pork, school prawns, shallots and beansprouts. Crepe like consistency and shaped like a pancake. The one here is so big, very big. As big as your head! When the waiter was taking it out from it kitchen, we got an initial shock at the sheer size of it. Ultra crispy and fried to perfection. It is usually wrapped in lettuce leaves, stuffed with mint leaves and dipped in Nuoc Cham.

'Bun Rieu ($10.00)' is not something I usually order at a restaurant as my mum makes a pretty good one, if not better than the ones outside. It's a pork and crab vermicelli noodle soup with a tomato based stock. The one here is bland and oily, and I find myself adding fish sauce to it, to give it some extra flavour.

'Bun Mam ($12.00)' is not for the faint heart. An anchovy noodle soup that has both a strong flavour and smell. An adventurous dish that is sweet and salty, and rarely found at Vietnamese restaurants due to the difficulty in getting the dish right. A thicker vermicelli noodle topped with prawns, fish, pork, beansprouts and garlic chives. They also added eggplant and calamari which was rather different to the standard. A decent noodle soup and if you're game enough, do try it.

I would recommend going for their signature dishes as you can't go wrong with these. Affordable prices for good food. I know where I'll be going when I'm in need of a 'Banh Cuon' fix. Oh yes, I wanted to say their Nuoc Cham is delicious!

Shop 1/324 Chapel Rd,
Bankstown NSW 2200

Phone no: 02 9708 2317

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