Sunday, 27 October 2013

PHD Vietnamese Restaurant - Marrickville - Sydney, Australia

PHD Vietnamese Restaurant

A few weekends ago, I needed to drop by Ikea Tempe to buy a few items. Considering how close it was to Marrickville, we decided to go have some Vietnamese food before heading to Ikea. I felt like something soupy and from the reviews I read, Pho Hai Duong or also known as PHD was the way to go, as some have even said it was the 'Best Pho in Sydney'.

Finding parking around the area is limited and can be frustrating at times. There is a small parking lot close by where cars do come and go regularly go but I'm not sure how it is in the later afternoon. Luckily we went early, so parking wasn't too bad at around 11am in the morning.

You can notice it from a mile away, with that red signboard and the words 'phd' on it. Initially, we were a bit hesitant to walk in as there were no diners and the wait staff seemed to have all disappeared but that is because it opens at 11am. I'm use to Vietnamese restaurants opening earlier like in Cabramatta, but here it is different. I had to call the people working in the kitchen a few times before someone came out.


The red colour is a prominent theme here as the walls are red, bowls are red and décor is vastly red. We were served table water at first but I requested for Chinese tea like how it should be, even though it was getting rather warm outside.

Fresh bean sprouts, mint, lemon wedges and chilli.

Can you see that steam? The 'Chicken Rice Noodle Soup - Pho Ga' was steaming hot and had loads of chicken thigh meat pieces. The noodles were smooth and cooked perfectly.  The soup was much sweeter than the broth I'm accustomed to and reminded me very much of the version made at 'Pho Tau Bay' in Cabramatta. I would say it had great flavours and was good, but not the best I've had.

'Special Beef Noodle Soup -Pho Dac Biet' is filled with an assortment of meat from rare beef, tripe to meat balls. Again, it is sweeter than how I usually like my Pho but it packed a whole lot of punch, infused with star anise and cinnamon.

Prices are decent and the portions are generous. The broth is full of flavour, packed with a whole heap of flavoursome herbs. A good place to go to if you're in the area as the food is authentically Vietnamese. They also serve dinner which I hopefully can try in the near future as the extensive menu offerings sound delicious.

It has also been mentioned in this year's SMH's, 'Good Food Guide under $30' as one of Sydney's best cheap eats.

308 Illawarra Rd
Marrickville NSW 2204

Phone no: 02 9559 5078

Opening Hours
Monday to Sunday
11am - 9:30pm

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  1. Phd is so super red now after its makeover! And I love food detours "just because you're in the area!". Heh.

    1. This was my first time going so can't compare to how it looked before. It does look ultra modern and red now for a Vietnamese restaurant.