Saturday, 7 September 2013

Baked Patisserie - Kirrawee - Sydney, Australia

Baked Patisserie

It's that time again. It's Federal Election Day in Australia today and for those that live here and haven't voted yet, go and cast your vote and make sure you choose wisely! Just before the doors opened at 8am today, we were already in queue at our local public school and thankfully the waiting time wasn't too long.

Then it was off to our local patisserie who are well known in the Shire for their desserts specially their macarons, tarts and cakes. Baked Patisserie is a family run business by Adam and his wife Emma that opened in 2011. The colourful display of macarons, cake slices and tarts, is just too tempting and I had to restrain myself from buying too much.

Ever since the craze started with Dominique Ansel's cronut from Dominique Ansel Bakery in New York City, many bakers have hopped on to the bandwagon to take advantage of this opportunity. Adam, the head baker from Baked Patisserie is no exception, and from the looks of it, it is very popular. It is made in store fresh daily using quality ingredients.

If you read my previous post on Ramsgate Organic Farmers Market, you would have seen me post about the cronut I had there. To reiterate, the cronut is what they call a hybrid croissant-doughnut. I'm actually not a big fan of the cronut and much prefer the croissant or doughnut on its own but no harm in trying more right?

A range of cronut flavours are available and Adam introduces new flavours regularly. Usually there is quite a number of flavours on offer during the weekends and last Saturday they had banoffee, apple crumble, choc malteser, choc hazelnut, vanilla and raspberry, and caramel with chunks of honeycomb and brownie. Quite a good selection to choose from.

There were only two flavours available in the early morning so I got both. It looked amazing from the outside and you can see that a lot of effort went into designing and making the cronut. Very creative!

The 'Apple Crumble Cronut ($5.00)', is coated on the outside with sugar and infused in the centre with sticky and gooey caramel. Didn't see or bite into any apply pieces but the cream icing on top had a slight taste of apple puree, with a coating of cinnamon, nutmeg and crumble.


'The 'Vanilla and Raspberry Cronut ($5.00)' is infused with raspberry jam and vanilla cream. A bit too heavy handed on the jam but the cream balanced it out well and I really liked this cronut of the two. This was also coated on the outside with sugar, with a raspberry cream icing and three blobs of meringue.

These cronuts were very messy to eat and were more buttery than the ones I had at Ramsgate. They were good but not great. It might have been the flavours I chose, as I really wanted to try the banoffee, as I've read that it's a winner.

Now that Spring has finally kicked in with gorgeous weather for the beach, do drop by if you're in the Shire and give them some support. A wide variety is on offer and you know you want it. It's open every day except for Sunday.

Happy Election Day!

1/10 Marshall Rd
Kirrawee NSW 2232

Phone no: +61 415 232 557

Opening Hours
Monday - Friday
6:00am - 3:00pm
6:00am - 1:00pm


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  1. Ah I didn't realise this bakery was based in Kirrawee. I love anything banoffee too!

    1. It's located in an industrial area with only a few shops around it. Mmmmm the cream, bananas and caramel.

  2. Living only a suburb away, I have never visited!! Will be paying a visit soon.

    1. Oh yes you must! There also a lot of other delicious sweets :)