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Restaurant Pizzeria Aux Coteaux - Reims - Reims, France.

Restaurant Pizzeria Aux Coteaux

A bit of background information on Reims before I jump into the post.

If you've read the back labels of French champagne bottles and where it is made in, then you've probably heard of Reims. It's a region well known for its champagne houses, including brands such as Veuve Clicquot, G.H.Mumm, Pommery, Taittinger and Lanson, to name a few of the many.

Reims is a city that is located east-north east of Paris and is approximately half an hour away by TGV (fast train). It is very easy to get around the small city and there is a tram line that runs through the city centre and is the cheapest form of transportation to get around there. There is also the main train station called Gare de Reims, which is the train hub for regional transport that can connect  you to other areas of France.

Compared to Paris, Reims is a very quite city with minimal crowds. You'll be able to find great shopping and dining places as there are a number of popular fashion labels and Michelin starred restaurants within the area. You must visit the Notre Dame Cathedral of Reims if you're in Reims as it's beyond beautiful.

Extremely delightful place to visit during the Summer months as the weather is warm and the sun is out in full swing, with average temperatures in the 30's.


The first restaurant we went to in Reims was called 'Pizzeria Aux Coteaux' and you've guessed it, they specialise in pizza. There were a number of dining options to choose from but the safest was pizza, as you can't go wrong with pizza can you?

The menu is extensive and a long list of choices are available from the simple to the more extreme such as pizza, pasta, steak and then the escargot.

'Coca Cola' and 'Swimming Pool Cocktail'. These were refreshing and perfect for a hot summers day in Reims.

Free side of assorted nibbles!

Contemplated on ordering entrees but opted not to. I was really keen on trying the 'French Onion Soup'. Luckily we didn't and you will know why later.

Pizza was served on an usual sized plate but it wasn't sliced up! We struggled to cut it up with the standard knife and fork.

'The Kebab Pizza (EUR 12.10)' was a strange choice that was chosen by my friend. The French seem to love their kebabs as witnessed by the numerous number of kebab stores scattered around Reims. For that reason, we decided on trying the kebab but in pizza form. The pizza itself, was full of ingredients, an overload to be precise. It was crammed and loaded onto the pizza base. There was the tomato sauce, the kebab meat, the fresh tomatoes, the lettuce and finally the sauce on top. Way too much toppings on a pizza. The heat from cooking dehydrated the vegetables and this was not very pleasant to eat.

The 'Duck Pizza - Bergere (EUR 12.10)' turned out to be different from what we expected. Layers of cut up duck meat and mushroom, topped with mashed potato, then drizzled with peppery gravy. Felt like I was eating a T-bone steak for a moment. Initially, it tasted pretty good but then it became too much. Overwhelmingly heavy.

In spite of this, the crust was wonderfully crispy and made fresh.

We struggled to finish the two pizzas and had about half a pizza on each remaining.

We were a bit too adventurous in choosing our pizza toppings so best to stick to the simple pizzas with minimal toppings like how the locals like it.

86-88 Place Drouet
51100 Reims

Phone  no: 03 26473884

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  1. Whenever I think of Reims I think of champagne actually! Looks like you had a lovely warm time there :)

    1. Had a great time there :) Wish I could have stayed for longer.