Monday, 26 August 2013

Merritt’s Mountain House Dining Room Restaurant – Thredbo - Snowy Mountains, NSW.

Merritt’s Mountain House Dining Room Restaurant

The cold is in full effect this month and I thought I should get this post in before the snow season ends soon.

A weekend at Thredbo, an Australian ski resort within the Kosciuszko National Park in New South Wales, meant a fun filled weekend of snowboarding and indulging in not so healthy food.

If you’ve been to the snows before, either Perisher or Thredbo, then you know that the price of food is expensive there. They overcharge on everything including snacks, food and drink and this restaurant we went to was no exception.

Merritt’s Mountain House is located at the bottom of the Cruiser Chair and at the top of the Merritt’s chair lift. The only way you can get there is by taking the chair lift up or skiing/ snowboarding down the mountain. 

From the top, the restaurant looks like a little, cosy, wooden cottage and you just want to get into that warm dining room with the heater on.


Once you walk inside, it’s rustic and gives you that warm, fuzzy feeling.


European market styled restaurant that serves hearty, comfort food, perfect for the chilly cold. A range of dishes are available such as fresh baked pretzels, lamb shanks, ribs, soups, laksa, pizza, spaghetti, German sausages and burgers. They use fresh ingredients and these dishes are made to order. 

The ‘Bratwurst ($19.00)’ is a German dish consisting of three sausages, sauerkraut (fermented finely cut cabbage), mashed potato and mustard sauce. Found the mustard sauce to be overpowering and strong but that is the traditional sauce it is usually served with. A whole lot of meat in the sausages and this dish may be too much for one person. 

The ‘Spaghetti Bolognaise ($17.00)’ may look like a plain, boring dish but don’t be deceived by how it looks. Well cooked pasta topped with a scrumptious meaty tomato sauce. Crack of pepper and chill flakes on top makes this a cracker of a dish.

It costs more to eat up here than at the first level but it’s totally worth the experience, watching people ski down the slopes and the gorgeous snowy mountains in the backdrop makes it feel like you’re at the Swiss Alps.  And for this you are paying the premium.

You can't leave Thredbo without trying the freshly made donuts.

This store is located at the base of Thredbo.

The 'Coffee ($3.50)' and 'Cinnamon Donuts ($1.20)' are just superb. Warm, soft and melt in your mouth donut with a cup of frothy coffee keeps you wide awake for the day.  

Thredbo Village
NSW 2626

Phone no: 02 6457 6084

Opening Hours
Snow Season
8:30am – 4:30pm


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