Thursday, 5 December 2013

Petaling St Malaysian Hawker Food - Haymarket - Sydney, Australia.

Petaling St Malaysian Hawker Food

I’m a big fan of Malaysian cuisine as I love how the food is not only tasty, wonderfully flavoured and extremely easy to eat, but there is just an endless choice to choose from. 

Petaling Street Malaysian Hawker Food Restaurant is located on busy George St in Haymarket, the fourth branch, with this being the first in Sydney and the rest located in Melbourne. Petaling Street is a famous street in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, well known for the abundance of restaurants specialising in hawker-style food and that is where this restaurant gets part of its name from. My friend C from Penang is a big fan of this place, choosing to dine here anytime she finds a chance to as it reminds her of the food she gets back home.

The food here is the real deal. You’re getting authentic Malaysian dishes at reasonably cheap prices. Please note their portion sizes are much larger than average so do not over order like we did. The good thing about this restaurant is you don’t have to queue as they've got plenty of seating inside. If there is a queue, the wait time is not long, but I've never have had to queue here.

Their menu is spread over two huge A3 sheets of paper and there are even additional sheets containing specials! The options seem endless. From the popular Malaysian dishes such as the Hainan chicken, satay chicken, bak kut teh to more adventurous dishes such as Marmite ribs. We tend to order food that we have tried before and on this occasion it was no exception.

‘Satay Chicken Sticks’ is grilled. Not sure what cooking technique they used here but unable to see or smell any char. 

'Roti Canai Chicken' was spot on. Superb buttery roti was absolutely scrumptious with the chicken curry. One of my favourites for the night.

‘Roast Chicken Rice’ is a winner. My favourite of all and the item I tend to order when I come here. The skin has been roasted to perfection giving it a crispy skin and tender, juicy meat within.  The rice here is not soft like it usually is but has a crispier texture from the garlic bits. Soup has a nice chicken flavour.  Not bad but not the best either. I liked how they served the traditional chilli and ginger sauce on the side.

The ‘Hainan Chicken Rice’ is the most anticipated but is unfortunately a letdown. Everyone is scared off by the pinkness of the chicken meat fearing it may be undercooked. It barely gets eaten. 

‘Mee Goreng’ is nice but not as good as the version at Mamak. To me it lacks that flavour hit. Shockingly, Tutor Girl has never tried this before and prefers the packaged Mee Goreng in instant noodle form.

The ‘Nasi Goreng’ is basically fried rice with the addition of sambal. At this point we’re just too full. I forced myself to try this for the sake of it. Nothing special as it lacked the flavour hit once again.

Various drinks including 'Iced Lemon Tea', 'Ribena with Lemonade' and 'Coke with Lemon'.

The food is good here with some dishes being better than others. Rather than having to travel all the way to Malaysia, you can have it here, though it may not be as cheap or great as the actual fare in Malaysia. We all enjoyed the dinner but might have been too full to fully savour the taste of each dish and the added heat from outside usually deters one from eating too much.

760 George St
Sydney NSW 2000

Phone no: 02 9280 1006

Opening Hours
7 Days a Week
11am - Late

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  1. The menu is crazy big here isn't it? And I love their giant ice kacang too. The roast chicken looks so tasty!

    1. There was just way too much to choose from. Oh really? I must try that next time :)