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Masuya Japanese Seafood Restaurant - Sydney - Sydney, Australia

Masuya Japanese Seafood Restaurant

It was Miss A's birthday a few months back and we couldn't decide on a place to celebrate her birthday. She suggested Masuya Japanese as she really enjoyed the food on her previous visit so Masuya it was. I've heard a lot about this place and their amazing seafood, especially their sashimi. I, however, do not like raw seafood but there were a few other things I wanted to try.

Located towards Wynyard, the area is awfully quite on weekends. I'm so use to the busy work crowds that line the street on weekdays, that I got an initial shock at the lack of people.

We booked a few weeks ahead and there were two evening sessions on offer. It was either 6pm-8pm or 8pm - 10pm, we chose the former. A packed restaurant upon arriving at 6pm, and we couldn't help notice that the restaurant was full of Asians, predominately, Chinese. It's not the casual Japanese style of dining but more upmarket with higher prices to match.

Their special spin on the 'Lemon Lime Bitters Royal Mocktail ($6.80)' is refreshing with fresh Thai lime, fresh lemon, bitters and Sprite. 'Marco Polo Mocktail ($6.80)' is comforting and soothing for a hot day, filled with raspberries.

I'm a big fan of Japanese tempura. In general, the batter is very airy and light. Just absolutely divine. We order an entrée  of 'Tempura Seafood ($14.80)' which I think is delicious. An assortment of seafood and vegetables including two prawns, seafood stick, fish and an onion. I don't know what the onion was doing there but this dish was definitely my favourite regardless.

'Salmon Caparccio ($14.80)' is shared by my two best friends. They love their raw fish and usually get the raw salmon, but decide to try something different on this occasion. Thinly sliced salmon topped with salted konbu, dashi ponzu and lime juice. These two enjoyed it so much they saved a piece for me and forced to me eat it. I couldn't stomach it very well unfortunately.

'Wagyu Beef Teriyaki ($34.80)' is a 230 gram piece of sirloin steak that has been pan-fried and topped with vegetables, mashed potato and teriyaki sauce. The menu says it has a marble score of 7 which I can't really distinguish between a normal steak and the expensive cut. We opt for it to be cooked medium, but usually it is had as medium-rare. I didn't mind this but I couldn't find anything special about it.

'Tonkatsu Pork Loin ($20.80)' was surprisingly good. A special kind of pork called Kurobuta was used, fried to a crispy, golden exterior and served with mashed potato and Tonkatsu sauce. The pork was still so succulent and moist. Yum!

Had a great dinner despite some minor negatives but will definitely be back to try some other dishes and that steamboat I saw on a few tables. If you're a sushi or raw fish lover, then this is definitely the place for you. Fresh, fresh and fresh. The 'Boats' looked absolutely amazing.

Basement Level,
12-14 O'Connell St.
Sydney NSW 2000


Phone no: 02 9235 2717

Opening Hours
Lunch: Mon - Fri 12:00 - 14:30
Dinner: Mon - Sat 18:00 - 22:00

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