Tuesday, 6 August 2013

The Chocolate Room - Canley Vale - Sydney, Australia

The Chocolate Room

 Who doesn't like dessert after a satisfying meal?

Canley Vale has changed so much since I moved to the Shire. More restaurants and cafes are now open. More people are now choosing to go there for lunch and dinner cause parking is relatively easier to find than Canley Heights at night and Cabramatta during the day.

The Chocolate Room is a franchise dessert store with locations across Sydney. The interior is nicely furnished and decorated in their signature colours.

I'm not overly a big fan of The Chocolate Room but it is a nice place for a catch up over drinks and dessert. Given this very cold winter, sitting inside the heated room is so comforting.

'Cappuccino' is nicely made. Frothy and smooth and served in an extra large cup.

'Chocolate Room Crepes' is crepes served with vanilla ice-cream and topped with chocolate sauce. Found this to be normal and nothing special about it.

'Dutch Pancakes' is basically bite sized pancakes served with chocolate sauce, vanilla ice-cream, bananas and fresh strawberries. I thoroughly enjoyed these as these as they were light and fluffy. If only there was that extra whipped cream.

53 Canley Vale Road
Canley Vale NSW 2166


Phone no: 0415 830 890

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  1. ooooh, had not idea they've opened in Canley Heights and had nooo idea they do dutch pancakes - yummo!

    1. hehe there is something new popping up all the time around that area

  2. It's amazing to see how much the dining scene has changed in Canley Vale!

    1. It use to be so quite around there but the food is bringing people in :)