Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Hofbrauhaus Munchen - Munich - Munich, Germany.

Hofbrauhaus Munchen
Hofbrauhaus is a German restaurant/beer hall, located within the Munich city centre and has become to be known as a popular tourist destination. It is visited by locals and tourists alike. The restaurant is huge and it can cater for hundreds of people. They are known for their beers and steins (1L), fresh pretzels as big as your face,  sausages, gingerbread hearts and pork knuckles. I was so excited prior to coming here as I never tried German food before. The tour guide said German food is very hearty, heavy and starchy but AMAZING. This is a must visit restaurant if you are in Muinch! When it is busy, expect to wait but the turnover is high so the wait times shouldn’t be too long.
The interior of the restaurant is simple but feels very homely. The place was packed when we went for dinner and it felt very lively and energetic with  people talking and laughing.  There was also a live band playing with some diners singing and swinging their beer steins.
Do not fret, they have an English menu! Not only is the menu in English, there are also descriptions to go with the menu item so you know what ingredients they use.
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You can’t leave Germany without trying one of their famous local beers. The ‘Munchner Weibe (EUR3.95)’ is half a litre. Great value for money and a smooth, refreshing drink.
If you're extra thirsty, then the 'Hofbrau Original (EUR 7.60)' is for you at an astounding 1L!
I looked around and noticed one very popular dish sitting on most tables. From their ‘Specialities Menu’, the ‘Crispy Roasted Knuckle of Pork - Schweinshaxn (EUR12.90)’ served in natural gravy with a grated potato dumpling was a crowd hit. Absolutely delicious! It was marinated and cooked to perfection. The skin was ultra crispy and the meat was falling off the bone.  That awkward potato looking thing was actually a dumpling that I’ve never tried before. It is commonly served in roasts.
We received our order in no time as the staff were very efficient. Didn’t have to wait long. Waitress’s walk around selling large, freshly baked pretzels in baskets.
The food is excellent, price is reasonable and staff are friendly.  Three ticks from me.
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If you are in Munich, you have to visit this restaurant. It’s one of the originals and is a great place for lunch or dinner with friends. Most people come here for the beer, food and the atmosphere.
I'll definitely be returning if I go back to Munich.
Platzl 9
80331 Munich
Phone no: +49(0)89-29 01 36-100
Opening Hours


  1. I love that beer is cheaper than soft drink in Germany, and yum, they really do make the best pork knuckles ever!

    1. Can't go wrong with cheap beer and delicious pork knuckles :)

  2. Food play a vital role in any trip and if the food is in your choice than its effect goes to double.

    1. Hi Markus,

      Definitely agree with you on that point. Food is very important on any trip I go on.

  3. Hi

    How was your last experience for travelling in Germany. I enjoyed very much in last year with my friends. Keep Blogging.

    1. I loved Germany and Europe. I was only there for a day and didn't get to see much as I wanted to but will definitely be returning in the near future to try out more foods.

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