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Nom - Darlinghurst - Sydney, Australia

Nom Japanese Restaurant

We took the wrong turn and ended up in the quiet, dark, back streets of Darlinghurst and before we knew it we arrived at our destination, Nom. Located off Oxford St and not visible as it is quite hidden amongst other closed restaurants/cafes. My friend recommended this place as her Japanese friend frequently visits this restaurant which says a lot about its authenticity.

We arrived at 5:30pm and much to our dismay, the new opening time is from 6pm! We then proceeded to walk around Oxford St to waste time. There are just so many weird and very weird shops around there...

At first glimpse from the outside it looks like a Chinese restaurant with some bright lit sign outside and it's name actually sounds Thai to me. Upon entry, the two ladies greet you and they are just so friendly. It appears to be a family owned restaurant run by the mother and daughter. The daughter reminds us that this is a 'Japanese Restaurant' in which we laugh at this. A lot of people must get confused.

I felt like I was in Japanese home. The restaurant is tiny and it only has a few tables with Japanese music playing in the background and menus plastered over the walls. They even had coat hangers scattered around! Was just oh so relaxing sitting there.

The menu is very old school. It's handwritten on sheets of paper and prices are very decent. They are known for their sake selection but on this occasion we didn't have any. Always a next time :P

The 'Mentaiko Potato Salad ($6.50)' was so good. It didn't taste like a normal potato salad and that is what was great about it. We couldn't stop ourselves from eating it and finished the plate clean. A must order if you're here.

'Yellow Tail Fish Sashimi ($6.50)' was a decent serving size. Didn't try it myself as I don't eat raw fish but friend finished it all.

'Rice Ball($5.00)' which is also known as an onigiri was huge. It was rice mixed together with pickles and salmon wrapped in seaweed.

I opted for the boring 'Steamed Rice ($2.00)' and that is what it was. I love my rice.

The 'Teriyaki Chicken ($9.00)' was cooked perfectly. Chicken was moist and full of teriyaki sauce flavouring. Wish there was more of that tangy lettuce on the side.

'Tamako (Rolled Omelette) ($10.00)' did not turn out to be what I expected. I was imagining an Okonomiyaki (Japanese pancake) but  we ended up getting a very traditional rolled egg omelette. It was a mix between sweet and savoury which I didn't fancy very much but I guess it's good to try new foods.

We couldn't leave without ordering dessert. There were two on the menu and we got both to share.

The 'Apple Pie ($5.00)' was homemade and wasn't overly sweet. The pastry was crumbly and apple was soft but not gluggy.

'Homemade Custard ($5.00)' was our favourite. Custard was soft and smooth. It went well with that bitter syrup and I wanted to have more.

'Green Tea ($3.50)' and 'Table Water ($0.00)'.

All this for only $52.50. Excellent food and great service at a reasonable price.

A hidden gem in Darlinghurst. Even though it may look like a hole in the wall type of place it is way better than what you can find at a lot of places in Sydney. If you're after the real Japanese home style dining experience then you have to come here. Seats and tables are limited so get in early. I will definitely be back.

166 Riley St
Darlinghurst NSW 2010

Phone no: 02 9332 1156

Opening Hours
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