Sunday, 13 January 2013

Toast Box - Bugis Junction - Singapore

Toast Box

A coffee shop that is located throughout Singapore typically known for its coffee and toast but also serves some other traditional Singaporean food like laksa. I absolutely love their kaya spread on toast.

For breakfast, I chose to try the 'Thick Toast with Kaya and Butter' which was nice and crunchy with an even slathering of butter and kaya but I still prefer thinly cut, sliced bread without the crust.

200 Victoria St
#01-67 Bugis Junction
Singapore 188021

Opening hours
Very early till late



  1. Yes Toast Box is great but Ya Kun is marginally better - went there last week for the best kaya toast + eggs + coffee in the world! Ya Kun cracks the eggs for you, unlike Toast Box.

  2. Hi RFJ,

    I couldn't agree more. Love the kaya toast from Ya Kun! Didn't have a chance to dine in but there is always a next time :P

  3. Ahhh!!! Is where you went on you morning adventures ;)

  4. Hi Anonymous,

    LOL! Kaya toast was a trip included in my daily morning runs :)

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