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Whimsical Cakehouse - Dolans Bay - Sydney, Australia

Whimsical Cakehouse
I've been on the search for a cupcake making class for a while now and wasn't prepared to pay the full price as it was quite expensive. I stumbled across a deal on 'Ouffer' to 'learn the art of making great cupcakes' for a bargain price of $49.00 for a two hour class at Dolans Bay, which was a 15 minute drive from my place. I enrolled for the 'Intro-Designer Cupcakes Class' for 3pm on a Sunday which was a class for beginners on how to decorate cupcakes.
The drive there was pleasant, located on Port Hacking Rd, it was relatively easy to get to. The open plan studio overlooks stunning water views and upon entry, a vast array of beautiful looking cakes are on display. T2 Tea, Nespresso coffee and assorted biscuits are offered before the start of class.
We are seated at our benches and half a dozen of cupcakes have been assembled in preparation for decoration with a large bowl of white chocolate ganache on the side. Our teacher today is Linda, the course director, who is very kind and cheeful lady with her mother as her assistant.
We start off with a demonstration from Linda and she shows us how to cut the rims of the cupcakes with a paring knife which will allow the ganache to be filled afterwards.My cutting skills are not the best but that will later be covered.
We cover all our cupcakes with a spoonful of ganache and smooth out the tops with a spatula. Then we proceed to hot knifing them by dipping the spatula into hot water and using out fingers to smooth out the ganache. This is then covered by a circular pre-cut fondant stuck on by brushing syrup made of jam, alcohol and water onto the ganache.
Then the decorating starts! Linda shows us three designs at a time and we return to our table to duplicate the design. Once we're done with all 6 designs, a box is provided to take home our creations.
The class was short, pleasant and lots of fun. I learnt a lot of things in that short time and would love to go to another class when I have the time. Definitely recommended.
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Cupcakes Sliced
Cupcake Bits

Covered Cupcakes
Polished Cupcakes

Decorating Tool

Vintage Cupcake
Flower Cupcake
Bow Cupcake

Assorted Cupcakes
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743 Port Hacking Rd
Dolans Bay NSW 2229

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