Friday, 6 January 2012

Gumshara Ramen- Haymarket - Sydney, Australia

Gumshara Ramen
This tiny Japanese restaurant specialising in ramen is located within the food court of Eating World and has become a popular destination for lovers of ramen including myself. I love ramen and can eat it everyday if it weren't for the unhealthy element and the weight gain.
The special 'tonkotsu' soup is made by simmering fresh pork bones in water for 120 long hours with soy, producing a rich and hearty soup. This stock is filled with collagen which is believed to make skin smooth.

There are many varieties of ramen to choose from such as pork spare rib ramen, tonkotsu ramen, tomato noodle soup etc. I ordered the 'Garlic Tonkotsu Noodle' but  requested it to be less thick after reading numerous food reviews stating that the traditional soup is very thick and 'chronic'. Surprisingly my soup was still thick but that's tonkotsu for you.

The portion size is quite generous with a decent handful of noodles and pork. Topped with shallots, crunchy bamboo shoots, seaweed sheet and delicious pork slices. The noodle is soft and firm, one of the best tasting ones that I have had. The only downside with my dish was it was warm not hot and I like my noodle soups very hot.


Shop 209, Eating World Food Court
25 - 29 Dixon Street, Haymarket

Phone no: 0410 253 180
Opening Hours?
To be advised

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