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Manmaruya Japanese Noodle Bar - Hurstville - Sydney, Australia.

Manmaruya Japanese Noodle Bar

I’m was typing this in my hotel in Seoul the day before I left as I recall posting about Manmaruya Japanese Noodle Bar in Hurstville a long time ago, but I guess my memory has failed me. This was until Miss Booklover pointed this out while I was over there.

This holiday has definitely been rewarding as I've managed to eat a lot, try a lot and shop a lot. These posts will be for later once I catch up with the local restaurants I've been to so watch this space. 

Manmaruya Japanese Restaurant is a popular restaurant specialising in ramen and bento boxes with three locations in Sydney including Hurstville, Campsie and Ashfield. They've recently opened a Japanese BBQ restaurant in Beverly Hills which I’m sure is very popular as well. I've actually been a long-term customer at this ramen joint and found it after I moved to the Shire. In my opinion, it is much better than the franchise store ‘Ajisen Ramen’ in Hurstville, which seems to have downgraded in quality after my post last year as it isn't as busy as when it first opened.

Situated on the quieter side of Hurstville, opposite the train station, Manmaruya is very busy during lunch and dinner. On weekends, expect to queue for a table. Upon my visit last month, I noticed them set up a sushi train next store which connects to the original restaurant, which is now in operation for those sushi lovers out there.

The selection available on the menu is diverse and there are many options to choose from including items such as ramen, bento boxes, sushi and sashimi. They’ve even got lunch specials and specials plastered on the wall.

The ‘Negi Miso Ramen Set ($15.00)’ comes with a bowl of ramen, 3 pieces of gyoza and a side salad. Excellent value as you only have to pay an extra $3 for the set on top of your ramen or udon order. The ramen is a miso flavoured pork soup with noodles that are cooked perfectly, having a slight chew and bite to it. Topped with roasted and melt in your mouth pork, fungus, bamboo shoots, corn, boiled egg, shallots and seaweed paper. I usually get the pork soup ramen as opposed to the chicken soup as the stock is richer and full of flavour. It is thick but not too thick, a balance between being too thick and too thin, just right. Their ramen is definitely a winner.

The ‘Chicken Katsu Curry ($13.00)’ is a large serving. I initially got a shock when it was brought out as first came the extra crunchy, crumbed chicken and rice, and then the huge bowl of smooth curry. Mmm was so delicious. It also came with a miso soup.

‘Ebi-Tem Udon ($11.00)’ is a soy flavoured udon noodle soup topped with fried tempura prawns, shitake mushrooms, fish cake, shallot and seaweed. Personally, I’m not a really a fan of udon but this apparently is really good if you want something light and not too heavy.

The ‘Chicken Nanban Bento Box ($10.00)’ is a lunch special among many specials they have daily. The bento boxes seem to be the most popular amongst diners given the decent portion size and is great value for money. It comes with crispy chicken topped with Japanese tartar sauce, pickled seaweed, mini sushi roll, and rice and miso soup. I don’t like seaweed and sushi in general so that was left untouched by me.

My favourite Japanese restaurant in the south with reasonable prices and authentic food. If you’re in the area do give it a try.

20 Ormonde Pde
Hurstville NSW 2220

Opening Hours             
Monday, Wednesday – Sunday
11:30am – 3:00p
5:30pm – 9:30pm


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