Sunday, 6 May 2012

Meridian Hotel Bistro - Hurstville - Sydney,Australia

Meridian Hotel Bistro
Everytime I set my foot or should I say drive my car into the Hurstville area, the Meridian Hotel is a place I would normally go by without a blink of an eye. It's bland looking exterior filled with pub drinkers on one side and the bistro next door makes it rather unappealing. That was until I noticed the pho broth smell from miles away literally. 

It is located on the end of Forest Rd which is the main eating street for a plethora of different foods. The Meridian Hotel Bistro serves asian and western cuisine. At lunch, the place is brimming with locals looking for a cheap feed. The 'Pho  or Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup' costs a measly $7.00. Not only that, there are many dishes available for under 10 dollars.

The inside is spacious and there is plenty of seating available. The service is prompt and efficient. You order and pay at the counter, grab a number and find a seat. A short while later your food arrives at your table. In between that, you grab your own utensils and sauces from the main counter. 


Mum and Dad have the 'Beef Pho ($7.00)'. They are both very hard diners to please as they both have very stringent specifications on how food should be cooked and served. When I initially told them that I wanted to try this place out, they were hesitant but that changed after this. The broth had a fragrant smell and it was steaming hot. The beef and noodles were abundant in that bowl. They loved it! 

I had the 'Beef Ball Pho ($7.00)' which was basically the same but without the beef and with beef balls instead. I struggled to finish it as the portion size was just way too big. I'm use to large portion sizes but this was more like 1.5 the amount. 


Sweet and Sour Pork with Rice
Combination with Rice
Beef with Rice Noodles (Wet)
For those looking for a cheap, cheerful and loud dining experience that serves excellent cuisine, I definitely recommend this place.
220 Forest Rd
Hurstville NSW

Phone no: 02 9580 2220
Opening Hours
7 Days a Week
10am - 9:30pm

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