Friday, 23 January 2015

Yasaka Ramen - Sydney CBD- Sydney, Australia

I'll be off to Melbourne this long weekend and I can't wait! It's been a number of years since I last went. Will be eating lots of delicious food, sightseeing and watching the tennis at the Australian Open with a lovely bunch of friends. Hope the weather will be kind to us, as I hear it will be cold. Watch this space for upcoming posts! 

Yasaka Ramen is the new ramen joint in the Sydney CBD, located near World Square. They go by the motto 'No ramen, no life'. I totally agree with them on that. Japanese ramen has always been one of my favourite foods since university because it's cheap, filling and flavoursome. The city undoubtedly has the best Japanese ramen, even though some may say the outer suburbs have the better variations.

What differentiates them from other ramen eateries is the 'home made noodle' concept. Just before you enter, there is a whole section at the front dedicated to noodle making. I don't think I've ever see ramen freshly made in house. Now that's amazing! Even though we couldn't catch them at the time of making the noodles, we did glance into the window where the machines and utensils were stored. 

After perusing the menu outside, it's simple yet broad if that makes any sense. They've got many variations of ramen, curry rice, don (rice bowls) and side dishes available. Their specialisation is ramen with only one kind of soup available, the Tonkotsu in varying forms including miso, shio and shoyu.

We are seated at the benches, in front of where the action happens, as this is the open kitchen where the chefs prepare and cook. There are also more tables and seats upstairs.

We start off with 'Pork Gyozas ($6.50)' filled with pork mince.They are pan fried to a crispy base and steaming hot inside. This is the perfect accompaniment to the ramen. 

The 'Tonkotsu Shoyu Egg Ramen ($15.80)' includes a perfectly soft boiled egg with an oozing yolk. The noodles made in house are topped with the standard including chashu (pork), bamboo shoots, black fungus, shallots and a seawood sheet. This sits within a pork bone soup blended with a soy sauce paste. The broth is thick, but not as thick compared to Gumshara Ramen. Yasaka's version is rich and intense. Together with the springy noodles, it was delicious. 

The chasu, with striking ribbons of fat and meat, is grilled and then charred with a blowtorch. It's soft, tender and melts in the mouth. Though this seems to alter the taste of it as my dining companion, didn't seem to like it. I, however, enjoyed it very much. 

A great place for a bowl of authentic Japanese ramen. The staff are friendly and the service is prompt, though a little too much. There were queues forming outside on the Friday we went and the wait-staff were extremely eager to clear our plates a number of times even though we weren't finished. Despite this, we would love to try out the other dishes on offer. 

For those in Australia, Happy Australia Day for the coming Monday!


126 Liverpool St
Sydney NSW 2000

Phone no: (02) 9262 9027

Opening Hours

Open Monday - Saturday 
11:30am - 10:00pm
11:30am - 9:00pm


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