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Beschico - Epping - Sydney, Australia


Can you believe the end of year 2014 is approaching? I can't believe so myself, and it sure doesn't feel like Christmas is just around corner. 2014 has been a fulfilling year and I'm thankful for the travel opportunities, having been to my favourite country Singapore twice, visiting a new country Korea and re-visiting a country which I haven't been to in more than 10 years, Vietnam. Most of all, I appreciate the chance to experience the different cultures and new foods. I've taken a new outlook on Korean food and as mentioned previously, this is the Korean year. Here is another Korean restaurant review.

With the opening of new stores at Macquarie Centre such as Uniqlo, Gap, Zara, H and M, and Forever 21 recently, it was an incentive to visit the shopping centre. Though, this post is rather delayed and when we went, Forever 21 wasn't open as of yet. After dropping by for some shopping, off we went to have some lunch. I recall reading blogs where people raved about the Korean fried chicken at a restaurant called Beschico in Epping. It's a popular fast food franchise from Korea. A friend I spoke to a few weeks back  who said the chicken was absolutely amazing. So fried chicken it was.

Driving from Macquarie Centre to Epping is a fairly short drive, approximately 10 minutes. It's located on Beecroft road so you might miss it if you're not too familiar with the roads there. I had to do two loops around the area as we couldn't find the place. It's situated across from Epping train station. On a midday weekend, the shops along the road are mostly closed for lunch service with an exception of a few. Luckily, Beschico was open.

Beschico occupies the space in conjunction with a bar downstairs and karaoke lounge upstairs.  The customer base on that particular day looked to be mainly be families with kids. It wasn't overly busy but there were a steady stream of customers coming in and out.

They have a decent selection on their menu. They have the classic fried chicken which also comes in hot sauce or garlic soy sauce. Do not fret as they also cater for those who don't like fried things. How could you not like fried chicken? Then there is the BBQ chicken which sounded interesting but we were here for the fried goodies. They also offer traditional Korean dishes such as bulgogi.

One special thing about this restaurant that differentiates it from other Korean fried chicken restaurants is they offer drumettes! Now, if you've been reading my blog, I don't like the dry part of the chicken and if possible, I tend to stick to the thighs and drumsticks. For experimentation purposes, we decide to not order the drumettes.

The 'Classic Crispy Whole Chicken ($26.00)' looked spectacular on a plate. The chicken is double fried leaving a super ultra-crispy outer coating. Its texture bares a high resemblance to the KFC 'hot and spicy' chicken.

 On first bite, it's hot as in steaming hot and packs a whole lot of flavour from the spices. It's seasoned well and the technique of double frying makes it less oily and more pleasing to eat. The meat is tender and juicy, just like how the perfect fried chicken should be.

The mandatory 'pickled radish'. They also provide mustard and sweet chilli sauce.

A great place for Korean fried chicken but for us, it was a bit out of the way. I must say the service here is extremely efficient. There was one waitress working who took the orders, brought out drinks and the food, and even cleaned the tables. Do give it a try if you're in the area and you won't be disappointed.

41 Beecroft Rd
Epping NSW 2121

Phone no: 02 9869 8188

Opening Hours
Monday - Friday: 5:00 pm - 12:00 am
Saturday:11:00am - 12:00am
Sunday11:00am - 12:00am


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