Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Chicken Baengi - Myeongdong - Seoul, South Korea.

Chicken Baengi

Deciding on what to have for our final dinner the night before we were due to leave South Korea was quite difficult. We were tossing up between having something we already tried, authentic Korean food or a recommendation from the guide book. Also, we didn't want to venture out too far as we had to pack and get ready for the flight the next day. Decisions decisions.

A bit apprehensive at first as we read no prior reviews, we stepped into the fried chicken restaurant at the front of our hotel (Skypark Central Myeongdong) called Chicken Baengi. The pictures at the front alongside the rows of fried chicken in the window were just too tempting not to go in.  The restaurant was filled with local Koreans so that was a positive sign.

Who doesn't like fried chicken right? Eating fried chicken makes me happy and thinking about it makes me drool.

Chicken Baengi is part of a chain of franchise restaurants.

Their speciality is fried chicken and beer. Fried chicken is available in either the original or with varying sauces such as spicy and garlic. They also have traditional Korean menu items available. The waiter was very friendly and she spoke in near perfect American English so ordering was extremely easy.

A bowl of crisps are brought out for us to munch on and the waiter offered to refill it after we emptied the bowl which was very nice of her.

When ordering fried chicken in Korean restaurants, pickled radish is usually served as a side banchan. This sweet and sour condiment is divine with the fried chicken.

Salt for extra seasoning which wasn't needed.

The 'Original Fried Chicken (KRW 16,000)' was a decent size plate of chicken fried to ultimate golden perfection. The serving was much more generous than Two Two Fried Chicken and I found that it wasn't dry or overcooked.

As per the norm, the fried chicken is double fried giving it that extremely crispy and crunchy exterior, yet moist and tender insides. The fried chicken here is not greasy and lighter compared to the normal fried chicken, making it highly addictive and stopping at one is not possible. It is served with a side of shredded cabbage and spicy mayonnaise which complements the chicken very well. It was so good, the plate was wiped clean.

Local Korean 'Cass Beer (KRW 4,000)'.


As previously mentioned, this turned out to be my favourite fried chicken place of the two that we went to. I'm glad we stepped out of our comfort zone and tried something that wasn't vastly mentioned online. It was well worth it and I absolutely recommend this establishment for their fried chicken and beer combination at very affordable prices.

10-8 Myeongdong 1(il)-ga,
South Korea

Phone no: 02 928 7703

Opening Hours


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