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Gigino Restaurant - Fairfield West - Sydney, Australia

Gigino Restaurant

Blink an eye and you'll miss this place.

They say good things are usually hidden away and even though this place isn't hidden, people usually drive past it without noticing. Gigino Restaurant is located in the suburban neighbourhood of Fairfield West. An area you wouldn't usually associate with excellent restaurants or good food.

This corner eatery occupies the space of an old newsagency that has now been transformed into a funky and modern pizzeria.

It's furnished with long communal style steel tables, wooden chairs and benches, together with walls that are lined with blue tiles and black boards. It lets off that casual and relaxed vibe that you would usually experience in a cafe setting.

Gigino Restaurant specialises in Italian cuisine, namely woodfired pizza and home style dishes.

The menu is short and simple, and it all fits onto a sheet of paper, so you don't have to flip through pages and pages just to get to the pizza section. That makes ordering relatively easier but deciding on the pizza topping may be a challenge. Most pizza's on offer at Gigino have minimal ingredients. Just like how it is done in Italy and that's also how I like my pizzas.

The 'Incazzato Pizza ($18.00)' was a sure winner. The pizza is topped with pomodoro (tomato sauce), mozzarella, salami piccante and chilli. It was so big in size, it took up most of the table bench and was on the verge of slipping over the side.

 The base was thin, light and crispy, yet it maintained that slight fluffiness.  Salami piccante means spicy salami or otherwise known as pepperoni. The salami pieces were huge and the addition of the chilli gave it a nice kick. And boy, the cheese was stringy and gooey.

As we were here on a Sunday, we also ordered from their Sunday brunch menu. The 'Pancetta Pizza ($17.00)' is similar to a bacon and egg pizza.

Toppings consisted of pancetta, eggs, mozzarella and parmigiano. It wasn't as good as the Incazzato Pizza but it certainly delivered in terms of taste. Though, the pancetta appeared to look and taste more like bacon.

At this point our stomachs was pretty full but out eyes weren't full, so we continued with dessert.

Most desserts are made in house but are pre-made and stored in the dessert cabinet. They've also got Nutella pizza and gelato.

The 'Tiramisu' is served in a glass cup.  It was creamy, spongy, moist and they were generous with the Marsala. Unfortunately, we couldn't pinpoint anything superb about it and wouldn't go out of the way just to order this.

The 'Strawberry Puff' was surprisingly delicious and satisfying. Strawberries and cream enclosed between puff pastry makes an excellent combination.

We also had some Santa Vittoria ($3.00), an Italian soda and a 'Latte ($3.50)'.

*Credit to Lulu for the photo

The Italian fare here is simple and honest. The pizza is awesomely tasty, prices are reasonable and the portion sizes are decent. Service wise, they were quick to take our orders and food arrived promptly. I definitely recommend this restaurant to those wanting to eat authentic Italian cuisine and for those who live out west, then the is the place to go.

*Credit to Lulu for the photo

My good friend Lulu recommended this place and I'm thankful she did. She notes it as being one of the best pizza restaurants out west and this is also one of her favourites. I couldn't agree more.  The funny thing is she found it by sheer coincidence as she and a friend happened to go in and try it one day out of the blue.

Whether it be for lunch or dinner, I suggest you make a booking as the restaurant isn't very big and is very popular with the locals. We assumed that they wouldn't be busy at lunch so we didn't make a booking. Our assumptions were wrong as it was a full house due to the birthday that was on. The only seating that remained were the bench seats, and we had no choice but to take that up. I didn't mind the bench seating, but it was hard to share food and make conversation between a group as it more suited for individuals or twos.

This urban eatery will definitely be attracting a larger crowd once more people find out about it. I will surely be making another visit to try out some other dishes in the near future. They have also been mentioned in the SMH Good Food Guide recently.

Shop 3, 338 Hamilton Rd
Fairfield West NSW 2166

Phone no: 02 9609 6264

Opening Hours
Monday - Wednesday
5pm - +
Thursday - Friday
10am - +
5pm - +
9am - +
Closed Tuesdays


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  1. Gigino is interesting. Wanna be there. I will include it in my itinerary after my travel in Nowra Australia.

  2. Hi Jenny! I love your blog and it's so great to see a true fellow westie at heart as well! I recently made the move from Western Sydney to the Inner West and must say that I really miss the food out in the west - particularly in the Fairfield / Cabramtta / Cabley Vale area where the diversity of food is so culturally rich. I actually did a piece with the Daily Telegraph on this and featured Giginos which is up on my blog here :)