Sunday, 24 June 2012

Chilli Jam - Parramatta - Sydney, Australia

Chilli Jam

If you haven't been to Chill Jam, then you definitely have to go! It's got to be one of the best Thai restaurants that I have been to by far. Not only is the food authentic, great tasting and decent priced but the portions are huge compared to the standard.

The original Chilli Jam in Concord has got to be one of the best Thai restaurants in Sydney. We've have been many times and they have never failed to satisfy our Thai cravings. It is extremely busy on Friday nights and the weekend so book ahead if you plan on going.

Today, we're at Chilli Jam Parramatta for lunch which is located at the end of Church St. It's not too busy at lunch and thats how we like it. The interior is very modern and the music is soothing to the ears.

We start off with the drinks. J has the 'Thai Milk Tea ($3.50)' and says its a must have. W has a 'Pepsi ($3.50) and I go with the usual 'Lemon Lime Bitters ($3.50)'.

W has her usual 'Pad See Eww Chicken ($15.90)' which is again a very large serve which terrifies her at first but manages to finish at the end.

J and I order from the lunch specials and opt for option B. ' Chilli Jam Chicken Box Set ($15.90)' which is ginormous with a money bag, two spring rolls, dipping sauce, stir-fried chilli jam chicken, salad and rice'. I'm extremely full after the satisfying meal.
It's a bit far for me to get to now days but will be dropping by very soon for lunch or dinner if in the area.

However, I hear that the food is not always very consistent here and depends on which day of the week you go.

325 Church St
Parramatta NSW 2150

Phone no: 02 9687 3300

Opening Hours
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