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Kareela Golf Club ( Nineteen ) - Kareela - Sydney, Australia.

Kareela Golf Club - Nineteen

Nineteen isn't the age of the restaurant but its name. Having driven past Kareela Golf Club many times with the sign '10 Dollar Steak on Mondays' sticking out at me, I've always wondered if it was any good seeing that it was situated in the middle of no where.

I decided it was finally time to try the 10 dollar steaks after searching for reviews on the place and looking at numerous pictures on its Facebook page. My family loves eating steak and who else but to go with them. Bookings are essential for Monday night as it does get very busy.

The restaurant is located within the club and it is relaxed, family-oriented and casual. As you walk in, you are escorted to you table by one of the many wait staff. The customer base appears to be the regular diners who are the middle-aged, elderly and their kids. The room is full of noise, laughter and chatter. The menu is limited to a few items but everyone is mainly here for the steak special.


Every time I go to a pub/club, I have to order the 'Lemon, Lime and Bitters ($3.50)'. The one here is well balanced and refreshing. There isn't much to say about 'VB Beer ($4.50) as its pretty standard tasting.


The 'Garlic Bread ($3.00)' is ordered as a starter and it comes out in a pair, presented nicely in a basket. It's buttery but lacks that garlic punch.

We all order the 'Steak with Chips and Peas ($10.00)' and the steak is cooked perfectly. The meat is tender and the chips are crunchy and coated with chicken salt. It all goes well with the requested gravy.

To balance out our protein, we order a side of 'Garden Salad ($7.50)' which is a decent size and enough to for 3-4 people. Fresh and lightly dressed.

Dessert of 'Rich Banana Tart with Butterscotch Sauce and Ice-cream ($9.00)' arrives half an hour after we finishing eating after asking many times. It was nice but a bit too sweet and not worth the wait.

Will definitely be coming here more often for the steak.

1 Bates Drive
Kareela NSW 2232

Phone no: 02 9521 5555

Opening Hours
6:00pm - 10:00pm (Dinner)

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