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Hurstville Chinese Restaurant - Hurstville - Sydney, Australia

Hurstville Chinese Restaurant

Having moved to the South area not too long ago, we find ourselves at Hurstville on a regular basis for weekly grocery shopping and eating at the many eateries along Forest Road. There are a lot of Chinese restaurants as the main population of Hurstville and surroundings consists of the Chinese people. A few other restaurants such as Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese are also scattered around.

This is our fourth time at 'Hurstville Chinese Restaurant' located on the main stretch of Forest Road on a corner. The place is normally packed with locals for both lunch and dinner. A few awards are displayed at the door and this is a sign that they are pretty good. The inside is nothing fancy and looks like the typical Chinese restaurant with minimal decoration.

The place looks like a family favourite amongst the many locals. It's a noisy place with people chatting away while eating but that's what I like about Chinese restaurants. I don't have that sense of awkwardness that I experience at those quite places.

A full a-la-carte menu is given to use which has both Chinese and English for lunch. A separate orange sheet lists the set menus but this is only in Chinese. We want to order a set menu but with only an understanding of English words we fail to recognise what is in each set. Dad can speak mandarin but does not read which makes it rather difficult but he manages to ask the waiter what is in each. We choose to have 'Set C' which costs $54.80 between three people.

The ginormous bowl of 'Century Egg and Pork Congee' arrives and we don't know how it will be finished. It's topped with spring onions and fried pastry. I attempt to scoop up the fried bits as I like it so much as adds that crunch factor. The congee tastes like the yum cha version which I much prefer over the Teo Chew version.

The 'Shallot Pancake' is next to arrive and it goes well with the congee. The dough has been fried to perfection and just melts in your mouth after each bite. Words can't describe how it tasted.

Four 'Medium Spring Rolls' are served with sweet and sour sauce. It's a very common dish and tastes like any other but it not as oily which is good.

Slippery, saucy and smooth 'Fried E-Fu Noodles with Pork' hits the spot. Chives and bean sprouts are added to even out the texture. This is liked by everyone.

The last dish to arrive is 'Fried Pork Shreds in a Sweet Sauce' which is pleasantly fried till golden brown and then coated with a special sauce and I find myself munching on these till the plate becomes clean.

The service is fast and typical Chinese so you may be offended if you haven't experienced a place like this before. This is made up by the great food and prompt service and we know we will be here again very soon.

184 Forest Rd
Hurstville NSW 2220

Phone no: 02 9586 0828

Opening Hours
Open 7 Days a Week
11:00am - 3:00pm
5:00pm - 10:30pm


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