Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Caffe Leonardo Ristorante Pizzeria‏ - Piazza di Spagna. – Rome, Italy.

Caffe Leonardo Ristorante Pizzeria

It was a beautiful day in Rome, very hot and sunny with barely a cloud in sight. We wanted to make the most of our time there as we were only there for a day. One day in Rome is just not enough! We had a late lunch and were still partially full but decided to eat dinner regardless. This is because we didn't want to return back to the hotel and venture back into the city centre. Such greedy and lazy eaters we are.

We spent the whole day roaming the streets and sights of Rome till our legs were so sore, and we were so exhausted, that we had to find a seat to sit on.
Caffe Leonardo is located behind the famous 'Spanish Steps' in Rome. An area filled with many tourists and a few thieves who pick pocket. Do take care of your belongings as I've heard many stories of money/goods being stolen, but I didn't experience this myself, thankfully.

It's a beautiful area to dine in, as a short stroll will take you to the water fountain in front of the steps, where you can indulge yourself in delicious Italian ice-cream.

This place offers casual dining at moderate prices that won't blow your budget, with mains starting at below 10 Euro. It may be pricier than restaurants you would find within the inner centre, but you’re paying for the ambience and great location.  

Can you believe it's past 8pm in these pictures? Looks like we're dining in broad daylight.

We chose to sit outside under the patio as the weather was warm and we wanted to eye watch people in the plaza. People watching is a popular hobby for the Parisians who sit outside at cafes staring at people but I'm not sure if this applies to the Italians.
The staff were friendly and food was served promptly without having to wait long.

The Italians are famous for their pizza and pasta and that is what we ordered even though we just had it for lunch! Can't leave Italy without savouring their specialities.
They make excellent coffees here. Warning. Do not order the 'Latte' as this is just milk without coffee! I accidentally pressed Latte on one of those coffee machines back at the hotel and it dispensed only milk. Initially, I thought the machine was broken, until someone told me that the word latte means milk.

'Caffe Shakerato (EUR 3.50)' is a shaken iced black coffee. Strong black coffee with a bit of sugar that is shaken with shaved iced. Refreshing and thirst quenching in the summer heat.
The 'Cappuccino (EUR 3.70)' looks more like our version of the latte. Strong coffee but well balanced out with the addition of milk. Love their cute sugar packets in those heart shaped sachets.

The 'Diavola Pizza (EUR 9.50)' looked picture perfect but didn't match the ones we had for lunch. It still tasted pretty good with the exception of the base, which was much thicker than the ones we were accustomed to having in Italy. This was topped with tomato, mozzarella and hot salami pieces.

'Spaghetti Allo Scoglio (EUR 10.00)' is their version of the seafood pasta and cooked with a tomato based sauce. Pasta didn't taste as fresh as the one we tried earlier in the day. A few prawns and oysters’ scattered about, here and there, but not the most generous with the seafood.
Really wanted to try their 'Tiramisu' but we were so full that there was no space for this lovely Italian dessert.
It's a good lunch and dinner spot to be able to relax and enjoy decent Italian fare, but nothing beats the one at Angelino Ai Fori Ristorante Pizzeria.

Piazza Mignanelli 21 (P.zza di Spagna)
00187 Rome

Phone no: 066797310

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  1. looks like an amazing holiday! I would love to go to Rome one day!

    1. You definitely have to Suze! It's a gorgeous city with great food :P