Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Paul's Famous Hamburgers - Sylvania - Sydney, Australia.

Paul's Famous Hamburgers

It you driven past Tom Ugly's bridge then you probably seen this burger joint with queues of people during those hot, summer days. The smell of meat patties being cooked can be smelt from a mile away literally. It's been here for many years, specifically, since 1957, but has changed ownership over the years.

On this occasion, we're here for takeaway and the queue has started forming, having only opened half an hour ago. The menu is simple and concise. You place your order at the counter and collect it at the other end. Service is extremely prompt and efficient.

A must have are the 'Chips' and 'Pineapple Juice'. The chips are fried to a golden hue and sprinkled with yummy chicken salt. The juice is a perfect accompaniment with the burger as it washes down that greasy after taste, even though it does taste like blended, canned pineapple.

The 'Plain Hamburger ($5.60)' is a as it's name suggests, a minimal topping burger. There is a seeded bun, beef patty, raw onions, lettuce and tomato which is topped with BBQ sauce. It's fresh, tasty and for the health conscious, it contains less oil than other places. 

The 'Burger with Egg ($6.40)' is the plain hamburger with the addition of egg. It is topped with chilli sauce. The burger seems so big at first sight but after cutting it into two we devour it in no time.

So if you're heading down south,  give this place a go. The prices are extremely decent and the ingredients are fresh. It's been voted as one of Sydney's best burgers.

12 Princess Hwy
Sylvania NSW 2444

Phone no: 02 9522 5632

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